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Case Name: Glass Containers, Inc. v. IAC 12/03/1953
Note: Liens allowed for advances of credit for nec. living expenses, not for satisfying a contractual debt.
Citation: 121 Cal.App.2d 656, 18 CCC 305
WCC Citation: WCC 25011953 CA
Case Name: Globe Indemnity Co. v. Industrial Accident Commission 11/26/1934
Note: Claimant entitled to benefits for injury caused by assault if traceable to incident of employment.
Citation: 2 Cal. 2d 8
WCC Citation: WCC 31121934 CA
Case Name: Go v. Sutter Solano Medical Center 09/25/2017
Citation: ADJ10168011
WCC Citation: ADJ10168011
Case Name: Go v. Zimpel 04/18/2017
Citation: A144806
WCC Citation: Contra Costa County Super. Ct. No. C12-00363
Case Name: Godinez vs. Buffets, Inc.; SRS 10/04/2004
Note: Timeliness of voc rehab appeal for injuries prior to 1/1/04 governed by former Labor Code section 4645(d).
Citation: 69 CCC 1311; Panel
WCC Citation: WCC 30632004 CA
Case Name: Golchini v. State 02/28/2012
Note: The exclusive remedy of workers' compensation barred a student librarian's suit against the Board of Trustees of California State University.
Citation: A129409
WCC Citation: WCC 386329012 CA
Case Name: Gold v. City of San Diego 09/03/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Because there is no requirement that a preexisting injury be documented in a written report to qualify it as service connected, and based on the showing that claimant's 2005 injury was an aggravation of a preexisting back condition that was work related and not the result of a congenital condition, claimant is entitled to the industrial leave benefit.
Citation: D053367
WCC Citation: WCC 35602009 CA
Case Name: Goler v. W&J Sloane Co. (WCAB En Banc) 12/07/1979
Note: Complexity determination for awarding attorney fee in 100% PD cases; 621.25 week limit, WCJ discretion.
Citation: 44 CCC 1065
WCC Citation: WCC 27131979 CA
Case Name: Gomez v. LA County Employees Retirement Assn. 09/25/2012
Note: A former deputy sheriff with a history of on-duty back injuries and an aggressive tumor in his spine was not entitled to service-connected disability retirement benefits.
Citation: B237426
WCC Citation: WCC 39342012 CA
Case Name: Gomez v. Sharon Baptist Bd. of Directors, Inc. 10/28/2008
Note: There has been no finding that either SMC or its agents were negligent let alone that such negligence proximately caused plaintiff's injuries. Accordingly, summary judgment on the contractual indemnification claim is premature.
Citation: 4229 23476/04 84824/05
WCC Citation: WCC 34412008 CA
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