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Case Name: McCormick v. San Pedro Bait Co. 12/15/2009
Note: The Privette doctrine barred an injured worker's negligence suit against the owner of a bait barge.
Citation: B215111
WCC Citation: WCC 35862009 CA
Case Name: McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Co. v. WCAB 06/09/1993
Note: Settling employer not liable for contribution to another employer absent evidence that settlement was in bad faith.
Citation: 58 CCC 305
WCC Citation: WCC 26031993 CA
Case Name: McDuffie v. LA Co. Metropolitan Transit Authority 02/25/2002
Note: Proper procedure for supplementing medical record at trial.
Citation: 67 CCC 138
WCC Citation: WCC 28402002 CA
Case Name: McGee Street Productions vs. WCAB 05/12/2003
Note: Statute of limitations for serious & willful claims strictly construed.
Citation: 108 Cal.App.4th 707
WCC Citation: WCC 29342003 CA
Case Name: McKinnon v. Otis Elevator Company 04/18/2007
Note: When an employer fails to adequately notify its employee of its subrogation lawsuit and proposed settlement involving the alleged third-party tortfeasor and fails to obtain the employee's consent to the settlement of that suit, and when the settling alleged third-party tortfeasor, prior to settlement, was or reasonably should have been aware of the possibility of the employee's claim for damages against the tortfeasor, the alleged tortfeasor cannot use the mere settlement and dismissal of the employer's subrogation action to bar the employee from maintaining her own action for damages against the alleged tortfeasor.
Citation: 149 Cal. App. 4th 1125
WCC Citation: WCC 32162007 CA
Case Name: McNally v. Holzman 04/18/2011
Note: An applicant may not do an end run around the one-year statute of limitations by morphing her malpractice suit against her former attorneys into a defamation suit.
Citation: B225645
WCC Citation: WCC 37472011 CA
Case Name: Meadows v. Farrell 11/22/2010
Note: A nurse case manager's motion to strike an applicant's lawsuit failed because the nurse failed to show that her allegedly injurious comments were protected speech.
Citation: H035309
WCC Citation: WCC 36822010 CA
Case Name: Medrano v. WCAB 09/25/2008
Note: Vocational rehabilitation maintenance allowance (VRMA) is not a wage replacement benefit, and thus it is not subject to wage-loss credit.
Citation: B202828
WCC Citation: WCC 34292008 CA
Case Name: Meeks Building Center v. WCAB (Najjar) 06/26/2012
Note: A single payment of benefits to an injured worker for attending a defense-requested medical evaluation is a reimbursement of a medical-legal expense, not a payment of temporary disability benefits.
Citation: C065944
WCC Citation: WCC 39102012 CA
Case Name: Mejia-Gutierrez v. Comcast of California III 01/28/2013
Note: A contractor was not liable as a matter of law, for injuries sustained by an employee of one of its subcontractors in a fall from a ladder.
Citation: A132933
WCC Citation: WCC 39782013 CA
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