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Case Name: Gonzalez v. Luzaich Striping, Inc. 04/10/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Plaintiff does not claim on appeal that he was improperly terminated because of his alleged disability. Rather, plaintiff contends that it is employer's failure to rehire and/or failure to accommodate him in the rehiring process that represents the actionable disability discrimination. This argument is meritless.
Citation: D050693
WCC Citation: WCC 33392008 CA
Case Name: Gonzalez v. WCAB (Hunt Wesson) 12/22/1998
Note: Applicant not entitled to TTD after date of retirement (NOTE: distinguishing cases cited within opinion).
Citation: 68 Cal.App.4th 843
WCC Citation: WCC 28191998 CA
Case Name: Gordon v. Symantec Corp. 10/17/2011
Note: A disabled senior principal research engineer did not present enough evidence for a court to conclude that her employer terminated her because of her disability.
Citation: H036239
WCC Citation: WCC 38112011 CA
Case Name: Gorman v. WCAB 07/19/1982
Note: Retired policeman not eligible to continue receiving rehab. TD indemnity.
Citation: 133 Cal.App.3d 998, 47 CCC 745
WCC Citation: WCC 27031982 CA
Case Name: Gourley v. City of Napa 03/18/1975
Note: Fireman cannot be retired with PD benefits and still be receiving full salary with leave of absence.
Citation: 48 Cal.App.3d 156, 40 CCC 888
WCC Citation: WCC 26901975 CA
Case Name: Government Code 31720.7 - Blood Borne Disease 12/27/2001
Note: Presumption of industrial causation of blood-borne infectious disease.
Citation: Gov Code 31720.7
WCC Citation: WCC 28302001 CA
Case Name: Graczyk v. WCAB 08/08/1986
Note: Scholarship athletes are not employees; applies retroactively.
Citation: 184 Cal.App.3d 997, 51 CCC 408
WCC Citation: WCC 24351986 CA
Case Name: Gradle vs. Doppelmayer USA 02/27/2004
Note: Cal-OSHA standards admissible to prove negligence per se against third party.
Citation: 116 Cal.App.4th 276
WCC Citation: WCC 29722004 CA
Case Name: Graham vs. WCAB 05/12/1989
Note: Employer entitled to credit if the medical malpractice settlement does not consider workers' compensation benefits in arriving at the result.
Citation: 210 CA3d 499
WCC Citation: WCC 30191989 CA
Case Name: Granado vs. WCAB 10/04/1968
Note: Temporary disability is not apportionable.
Citation: 69 Cal.2d 399
WCC Citation: WCC 29581968 CA
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