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Case Name: Kreigsman v. WCAB 04/10/1993
Note: Lien claimant denied due process by lien reduction with no opportunity to argue for full amount due to scheduling conflict.
Citation: 58 CCC 244
WCC Citation: WCC 27761993 CA
Case Name: Kroger Co. v. WCAB (Rodriguez) 10/30/2012
Note: A Declaration of Readiness to Proceed does not need to be filed along with a notice of appeal challenging a vocational rehabilitation award for the appeal to be effective.
Citation: B239771
WCC Citation: WCC 39472012 CA
Case Name: Kroger Co. v. WCAB (Velasquez) 06/04/2012
Note: An employer's failure to file a declaration of readiness to proceed along with its notice of appeal of an administrative ruling did not invalidate its timely filed appeal to the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.
Citation: B236608
WCC Citation: WCC 39022012 CA
Case Name: Kunz vs. Patterson Floor Coverings 12/05/2002
Note: Failure to make specific objection does not waive it; OFMS applies to services prescibed by DR at outpatient center; Outpatient fees must be reasonble.
Citation: 67 Cal.Comp.Cases 1588
WCC Citation: WCC 28982002 CA
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