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9795....Reasonable Level of Fees for Medical-Legal Expenses, Follow-up, Supplemental and Comprehensive Medical-Legal Evaluations and Medical-Legal Testimony
  (c) Medical-legal evaluation reports and medical-legal testimony shall be reimbursed as follows:   CODE B. R. PROCEDURE DESCRIPTION ML100   Missed Appointment ...more
  (2) When appearing at a deposition, all or any part of 3. 5 hours.   (3) When appearing at an evening arbitration, all or any part of 3 hours. Reference: Sections ...more
9795.1.5....Interpreters for Hearings, Depositions or Arbitrations
The finding of the judge or arbitrator and the basis for the finding shall be set forth in the record of proceedings.   Note: Authority cited: Sections 133, 5307. 3, ...more
9795.1.6....Interpreters for Medical Treatment Appointments or Medical Legal Exams
(a) To qualify to be paid for interpreter services at a medical treatment appointment or medical legal exam, the interpreter shall be certified, certified for medical ...more
9795.2....Notice of Right to Interpreter
The notice of hearing, deposition, or other setting shall include a statement explaining the right to have an interpreter present if they do not proficiently speak or ...more
9795.3....Fees for Interpreter Services
  (b) The following fees for interpreter services provided by a certified or provisionally certified interpreter shall be presumed to be reasonable:   (1) For an ...more
9795.4....Time for Payment; Effective Date
Any notice of objection shall include all of the following:   (1) An explanation of the basis of the objection.   (3) The name, address and telephone number of the ...more
9795.5....Interpreter Directories
Interpreters certified in accordance with sections 9795. 1. 5 (a)(1) and 9795. 1. 6 (a)(1) are listed at the following websites: http://jobs. spb. ca. ...more
9796....Certification of Consulting Physician, How Initiated
When an injured employee requests an employer to secure certification of a consulting physician under Labor Code Section 4602, the employer shall direct a letter in ...more
9799....Criterion for Certifying Competence
The criterion to be followed by the Administrative Director in certifying the competence of the consulting physician chosen by the injured employee is that the field of ...more
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