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Case Name Universal Underwriters Insurance Co. v. Paradis
Date 02/05/2008
Note Because the unicover policy explicitly named the individual insureds for each coverage part separately and Defendant was not listed as a designated person under the umbrella coverage, the definition of an insured for such coverage has a definite and precise meaning concerning which there is no reasonable basis for a difference of opinion.
Citation SC 17756
WCC Citation WCC 552008 CT
SC 17756 & SC 17757 February 5, 2008 UNIVERSAL UNDERWRITERS INSURANCE COMPANY v. ERIC J. PARADIS ET AL. Jack G. Steigelfest, with whom were Richard L. Zayas and Herbert Watstein, for the appellants (defendant Christopher Lamont et al. ). Paradis. The plaintiff defended Crowley and Paradis pursuant to the unicover policy, which the plaintiff had issued to Crowley and was in effect at the time of the accident. The trial court noted that, because the unicover policy "explicitly name[d] the individual insureds for each coverage part separately"; Universal Underwriters Ins. The defendants also contend that the trial court improperly construed the terms of the umbrella coverage as not extending to Paradis.

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