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Coverage for Workplace Violence Expands

Friday, March 2, 2001 | 1072 | 0 | min read

Not too many days go by without a news story about violence in the workplace. A new phrase has been coined to describe this disturbing trend: desk rage, acts such as screaming at coworkers, throwing paper, pens and other objects, and other acts of violence, unfortunately.

Recently there was a fatal outburst by an employee of Edgewater Technology, an Internet company near Boston. 42-year-old Michael McDermott vented his frustration there by killing seven co-workers to protest his company's approach to his tax problems. In Camarillo, California, a displaced worker with a history of mental problems returned to his former place of employment and gunned down the CEO of the software company in front of stunned co-workers. The list of tragic examples is long.

Insurance coverage for workplace violence has become more common place, outside of workers


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