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Mayor Puts Workers' Comp Claims in Crosshairs 02/23/2016
State: MA | Segment: NORTH | 611 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 1 min read
The recent firing of an injured City of Lawrence worker who was allegedly moonlighting while collecting workers’ compensation benefits has put the spotlight on the mayor’s efforts to reduce the city’s disability benefit obligations, ...Read More

Court to Review Case that Could Upend Law Barring Farm Laborers from Benefits 02/23/2016
State: NM | Segment: WEST | 533 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 21 min read
New Mexico’s Supreme Court has agreed to review an appellate court decision that cleared the way for injured farm workers to receive workers’ compensation benefits, ...Read More

Analyst: Consider UR Exemptions for Some Treatments 02/22/2016
By: Elaine Goodman (medical/business reporter)
State: CA | Segment: Top | 2111 | 0 | Popular with Legal
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Exempting certain low-cost medical procedures from utilization review in California would ease administrative burdens and speed care to injured workers, according to an analysis presented Friday to the state's labor-management advisory panel. ...Read More

Feds Seek Eight-Year Sentence for Yee 02/22/2016
State: CA | Segment: Top | 1352 | 0 | Popular with Legal
Prosecutors are recommending an eight-year prison term for former California state Sen. Leland Yee, who is accused of trying to sell his vote on a workers' compensation bill, arms dealing and other crimes, according to a sentencing recommendation filed with the federal court in San Francisco....Read More

WCAB Suspends 2nd Hearing Rep 02/22/2016
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: CA | Segment: Top | 2295 | 0 | Popular with Legal
An en banc California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board order last week suspended the privilege of a lien claimant's hearing representative from appearing before any administrative law judge for 180 days. ...Read More
Plumas County Attributes Sharp Drop in Comp Costs to Focus on Safety 02/22/2016
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 633 | 0 | Popular with Legal
Worker's compensation costs in Plumas County are falling fast. The county paid $117,504 in the fiscal year ending 2015, according to a report presented to the county board of supervisors ...Read More
Trial Set for Legal Secretary's Harassment Suit Against Adelson Testan Bruno 02/22/2016
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 3038 | 0 | Popular with Legal
A sexual harassment suit against a former managing partner of Adelson, Testan, Brundo, Novell & Jimenez is set to go to trial at the end of the month. The plaintiff, who is suing under the name Jane Roe, worked at the workers' compensation defense firm as a legal secretary. ...Read More

Exclusivity Barred Worker's Suit Against Subcontractor Hired by His Employer 02/22/2016
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: TX | Segment: SOUTH | 899 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 5 min read
A Texas appellate court ruled that a worker's negligence suit against a subcontractor his employer had hired was barred by the exclusive remedy provision of the Workers' Compensation Act. ...Read More

Fall Hazards Bring $64,400 in Fines Against Builder 02/22/2016
State: PA | Segment: NORTH | 346 | 0 | Popular with Insurance
A construction company accused of exposing workers to 18-foot falls faces $64,400 in fines by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Admininistration. ...Read More

Sedgwick Launching In-House Think Tank 02/22/2016
State: NA | Segment: NATIONAL | 777 | 0 | Popular with Legal
Sedgwick Claims Management Services is appointing its own crew of "thought leaders" to join the public discussion about issues that affect the risks and benefits industry, the Memphis-based third-party administrator said in a press release last week. ...Read More
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