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Sams: Formularies Grow in Popularity, but Which One to Use? 05/22/2017
By: Jim Sams (Senior Editor)
State: NA | Segment: Top | 234 | 0
A familiar labor vs. management battleground has sprung around the latest cost-control trend in workers’ comp: drug formularies.  ...Read More

Wilson: Court Declares CMS Practice Unlawful but Withholds Injunction 05/23/2017
By: Rita Wilson
State: NA | Segment: Top | 45 | 0
Earlier this year, Tower MSA summarized the California Insurance Guarantee Association’s (CIGA) case challenging the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s (CMS) practice of claim...Read More

Young: Go With the Flo? 05/19/2017
Source: Julius Young
State: CA | Segment: Top | 287 | 0
We’re in one of those languid periods of California workers’ comp. ...Read More

Brannan: Our Formulary Is Model for Other States 05/17/2017
Source: Ryan Brannan
State: TX | Segment: Top | 210 | 0 | Popular with Employer
In the midst of a nationwide opioid crisis, Texas implemented a prescription drug formulary in 2011 — not because it would save insurance companies money but because it could save lives.  ...Read More

Keefe: A New and Blurring Part of WC Reforms 05/18/2017
By: Eugene Keefe
State: IL | Segment: Top | 255 | 0
A Chicago Democrat presented new Illinois workers' compensation reform legislation incorporating a “resource-based relative value scale,” or RBRVS, as the physician-health care payment system and a cost savings mega-plum for state employers and local governments....Read More

LeFevre: ODG, NGC and the Formulary Debate 05/16/2017
By: Phil LeFevre
State: LA | Segment: Top | 387 | 0
Opioids are synthetic heroin. HEROIN. Phi...Read More

Luna: Why Details Matter in the Formulary Debate 05/15/2017
By: Carlos Luna
State: LA | Segment: Top | 715 | 0
Generalities plague the workers’ compensation industry, from indirectly typecasting opioid-using patients as drug addicts to characterizing physicians as narrow-minded, profit-driven narcissists, and former state officials suggesting a single binary drug list can have similar cost-savi...Read More

Langham: 1st DCA Reverses Florida Rate Case 05/12/2017
By: David Langham
State: FL | Segment: Top | 668 | 0
Last fall, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation approved a workers' compensation insurance rate increase. A lawsuit invalidated that increase, but an appeal was filed. Part of that appeal was a "stay" entered by the appellate court (something courts can do as part of their inh...Read More

Jordan: CIGA Entitled to Judicial Declaration of Unlawful CMS Interpretation of MSP 05/11/2017
By: Jennifer Jordan
State: NA | Segment: Top | 359 | 0 | Popular with Insurance
On May 3, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California issued its order with regard to CIGA’s entitlement to relief following the court’s award of partial summary judgment in January. ...Read More
Circuit Court Judge Issues Order Determining Workers' Comp Act to be Unconstitutional 05/10/2017
By: Mike Fish
State: AL | Segment: Top | 392 | 0
Perhaps you have already heard as news travels fast but on Monday a Jefferson County Circuit Court judge issued an order declaring the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act to ...Read More
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