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Holden: Assault Considered Work-Related Despite Extended Period Between Reason and Act 08/13/2018
Source: Joshua Holden
State: AL | Segment: Top | 238 | 0
On July 13, the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals released its opinion in Lawler & Cole CPAs LLC and Alabama Retail Association dba Alabama Retail Comp v. Donald Cole, which w...Read More

Helfand: The Chicago Bulls and Illinois Workers' Compensation 02/17/2017
By: Mike Helfand
State: IL | Segment: Top | 1494 | 0
I like the Bulls. Not like in the '90s when I LOVED the Chicago Bulls, but I root for them.  Hopefully, one day they will be good again. ...Read More
Hill: All About OSHA's Electronic Reporting, Retaliation and Post-Accident Drug Testing Rule 12/14/2016
State: TX | Segment: Top | 1679 | 0
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards cover everything from job site drinking water to fall protection, and keeping up with all of OSHA’s specific guidelines can be difficult for employers. ...Read More
Heroin, Pot and Workers' Comp 12/21/2015
Source: Peter Rousmaniere (Featured Columnist)
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1364 | 0
If a new occupational risk were to emerge to cripple workers and burden employers and insurers with tens of billions of dollars in costs, how would people respond? The history of the past three decades suggests that it takes seven to ten years for a consensus for action to form, and another seven...Read More
How to Avoid Lien Fees and Deferral of Med-Legal Expenses 09/23/2015
By: Stephen Schneider
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1155 | 0
If you are paying lien-filing fees on your medical-legal expenses I think you are (a) wasting your money, and (b) causing unnecessary deferral of your receivables until after the case in chief gets resolved. The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board has given clear regulations inst...Read More
How to Obtain the best Medical Care for CRPS 05/28/2015
By: Dr. Steven Feinberg
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1874 | 0
If you are reading this, probably you or a friend or loved one have been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. This article is not about diagnosing and treating CRPS but rather about how to obtain the best medical care for this diagnosis. There are lots of good reasons to obtain ...Read More
How Medicare Can Heal Workers' Comp 03/31/2015
By: Barry Thompson
State: NA | Segment: Top | 618 | 0
I make the case that workers’ comp in every state should carve out its medical line and relinquish it to Medicare. The respective statutory systems for indemnity benefits would remain. This scenario, albeit challenging in execution, would correct the cause of many systemic workers' comp...Read More
Hey Montana, Don't Do It!! 02/09/2015
By: Nancy Grover (Featured Columnist)
State: NA | Segment: Top | 666 | 0 | Popular with Employer
Just days after new research came out with glaring evidence that some physician dispensers are practically thieves, Montana’s Legislature officially introduced legislation that would allow physicians there to dispense medications. Oh Montana! If you only knew. If you only kn...Read More
Have Off-Work Notes Gone the Way of the Dodo Bird? 12/24/2014
State: IL | Segment: Top | 641 | 0
As defense lawyers and counselors, we have always hated what we call “blind” off-work notes. What we mean by “blind” off-work notes are written notes from an injured worker’s doctor that says “off work” and nothing else. We recently received one from a pe...Read More
How HIPAA-GINA Work to Protect/Regulate all of us in Workers' Comp Claims 12/16/2014
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1509 | 0
We get asked all the time and we want our readers to best understand HIPAA-GINA in their day-to-day workers' compensation claims handling. If you aren’t sure, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is about medical records privacy. The Genetic Information Privac...Read More
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