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Workers' Compensation News

Recognizing Questionable Medical Billing Practices 07/25/2001
By: Beverly A. Hartin
State: FL | Segment: | 329 | 0
By: Beverly A. Hartin, President and CEO, Lien On Me, Inc./LOM Medical Bill Review Anyone who has ever reviewed a medical bill for payment in the workers' compensation arena has, at some time, questioned with disbelief the charges on the page. The next thought usually is "Is this fr...Read More
Requesting Change of Physicians - Part 1 12/31/1969
State: CA | Segment: | 475 | 0 | Popular with Medical
California Labor Code section 4600 and Regulation section 9786 permit a defendant to petition for a request to change the treating physician. While not something that is requested on a routine basis, there are legitimate, compelling reasons to seek this remedy at times. We'll explore a request for c...Read More
Reducing Long-Term Disability 12/31/1969
By: Terri L. Herring-Puz
State: WA | Segment: | 287 | 0
By Terri L. Herring-Puz Welch & Condon Someone asked, “what are the benefits of having a light-duty program?”  It’s a really good question, and I suppose you would get different answers depending on who you ask. While I fully realize light-duty ...Read More
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