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Workers' Compensation News

Report on Violence and Aggression against Maine's Caregivers 08/16/2012
By: Julie Ferguson
State: ME | Segment: | 1133 | 0
When it comes to on-the-job assaults, health care workers are on the front lines. Earlier this year, the National Council on Compensation Insurance issued a report on Violence in the Workplace, which showed that homicides and assaults are trending down. Good news, overall, but let's take a close...Read More
Ramp Up your Accident/Incident Reporting Protocols 07/11/2012
By: Eugene Keefe
State: IL | Segment: | 531 | 0
We truly feel this is one of the most important things U.S. risk managers/claims handlers have to get on board with. Some risk managers look at the 45-day rule in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and think that concept sets some sort of personnel rule for your organization in reporting a...Read More
Returned to Work with no Restrictions? 27% PD 06/25/2012
State: CA | Segment: | 533 | 0 | Popular with Legal
Your humble blogger bids you a happy Monday.  If your weekend experiences were anything like his, you spent your precious days off trying to keep your computer (and yourself) from overheating while scrambling to get some work done.  After all, benefits don’t deny themselves.  Ju...Read More
Reform is NOT About Costs; It is About Stability 06/18/2012
State: CA | Segment: | 390 | 0
Hints at what the agenda in California is going to look at were disclosed yesterday by California Department of Industrial Relations Director (DIR) Christine Baker during a discussion about reform expectations at the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau’s (WCIRB) annual conferen...Read More
Rationing Comes Home to Roost in the Form of Denial of Care 02/24/2012
By: Dr. Robert Weinmann
State: NA | Segment: | 472 | 0
In these columns we've previously pointed out how utilization review in California is twisted and turned to deny care to injured workers. We've also shown how the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, contains a not-so-subtle r...Read More
Repeal of the Mandate: Bad News for Workers' Comp? 02/16/2012
State: NA | Segment: | 469 | 0
If the requirement that every individual have health insurance is overturned by the Supreme Court, workers' comp costs will increase over the near term and get worse from there.If the mandate sticks, costs will likely moderate somewhat, then increase at a lower rate. Here's why....Read More
Research Confirms: Injured Workers Need Representation 01/27/2012
State: CA | Segment: | 542 | 0
Much is going to be made of the University of California, Berkeley, researcher Frank Neuhauser's report to the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation (CHSWC) on the effect of the 2004 reforms on permanent disability indemnity.But will the arguments be properly ...Read More
Raynor & ATF: More Questions than Answers? 12/01/2011
By: Michael T. Berns
State: NY | Segment: | 839 | 0
With the matter of mandatory deposits into the Aggregate Trust Fund finally resolved by the Court of Appeals on November 15, 2011, perhaps this matter will come to a conclusion.But it will not . . . .On Nov. 15, 2011, in the Matter of Raynor v Landmark Chrysler, the New York ...Read More
Retailers: Are you Ready for Crowds on Black Friday 11/10/2011
By: Julie Ferguson
State: NA | Segment: | 519 | 0
In the pre-holiday shopping season, crowd control is no small issue for retailers. And Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the behemoth day that dwarfs all other days. Last year, 212 million people spent $45 billion shopping in retail stores and websites over the Black Friday weekend. And i...Read More
Retirement Security 10/14/2011
State: CA | Segment: | 502 | 0
California falls short of compensating many injured workers for their earnings losses.The 2004 reforms and the failure of the Division of Workers' Compensation to revise the Permanent Disability Rating Schedule has effectively meant that uncompensated wage losses have increased....Read More
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