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Workers' Compensation News

Fighting over Fee Schedules 02/05/2014
State: WI | Segment: | 445 | 0
Referencing a new draft bill in Wisconsin seeking to establish a medical fee schedule for workers’ compensation, Mark M. Grapentine, a senior vice president of government relations for the Wisconsin Medical Society, ...Read More
Form and Function of the Supreme Court's Rule 23 Order 01/31/2014
By: Arik D. Hetue
State: IL | Segment: | 529 | 0
You have heard us discuss what we feel is the dreaded Rule 23 gag or “unpublished” Illinois Appellate Court order in the past with some harsh criticism, but most of the time, and especially in recent courtroom opinions, we feel it is used the right way. We provide a little detail over on...Read More
Finding and Using the Domino Issue 12/23/2013
State: FL | Segment: | 651 | 0
Success can be hard to define in workers' compensation. There are often a myriad of issues presented in a dispute. Compared to a civil personal injury case, workers' compensation claims are often more complex and offer challenges that are simply not presented in other conflicts.A...Read More
FDA 2013: A Study in Inconsistency 11/18/2013
State: NA | Segment: | 829 | 0
Let's review the recent activities of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the area of prescription opioids.  If you're scratching your head as you read this, know that you won't be alone: April 16, 2013: The ...Read More
Fighting Racism in Workers' Comp Rules 10/22/2013
By: Dave Lundgren
State: NA | Segment: | 435 | 0
As a long-time attorney who has for years fought racism leveled against tribes and individuals by various external groups and institutions of state, local and federal agencies, I was shocked to have to confront racist ideals voluntarily incorporated into tribes’ own workers' compensation p...Read More
Florida Case Law Update 10/15/2013
By: WCC Staff
State: FL | Segment: | 562 | 0
NEW! Anheuser-Busch Companies v. Staples, 1D13-1038, (10/09/2013): A divided Florida appellate court ruled that a single law firm could not represent an employer's workers' compensation lien interest in a ...Read More
FDA Mandates Opioid Label Changes 09/18/2013
State: NA | Segment: | 719 | 0
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Sept. 10 that it will require fairly significant changes to the labeling of all extended-release and long-acting opioid analgesics. First, the good ne...Read More
Final Exam Test Question from Adjunct WC Law Professors 06/14/2013
By: Eugene Keefe
State: IL | Segment: | 920 | 0
Three cleaning people live in the same house in North Prospect, Ill. They are dressed and ready and going to work. They are not on the clock nor are they being paid to go to work. The hours spent traveling to and from work do not count toward Family Medical Leave Act, unemployment, seniority or anyt...Read More
Freedom of Religion = Freedom from Workers' Comp? 05/07/2013
State: NA | Segment: | 877 | 0 | Popular with Legal
When Jakob Hutter founded the Hutterian Brethren Church in the 1530s, he was not worried about workers' comp (which would not exist for another 350 years). He just wanted the freedom to practice his communal religion in what is now Germany/Austria. He incurred the wrath of Ferdinand I, who, in t...Read More
Freud v. Workers' Comp 04/29/2013
By: Red Hollingsworth
State: NA | Segment: | 666 | 0
Should there be psychological consulting at the four-to-six-week period after a work comp claim? HECK YEAH! Not having a psych evaluation after a serious injury is a mistake. This can determine what mental factors are related to the illness or injury, or what is preventing the worker from returning ...Read More
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