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Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | 168 | 0

Proprietary System Assists Law Firms Moving Towards a Work-From-Home Model Amid the Covid-19 Global Health Crisis

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif.- March 24, 2020 - Legal Facts, LLC, the parent company of Casefriend, a leading digital automation system for the legal industry, announced today that Casefriend's proprietary Automated Intake platform will be available for free for new customers between now and June 1 to help law firms in moving to a work-from-home model during the COVID-19 global health crisis. 

            "As the U.S. workforce navigates the changes that the Coronavirus pandemic has created on everyday life, most Workers Compensation law firms are resorting to a remote working model to promote safety and social distancing. Casefriend will be an invaluable tool for the new work-from-home landscape with its set of fully remote capabilities," said Christian Puzder, Legal Facts, LLC, CEO. "We are also eager to do what we can to make the transition easier during these difficult and uncharted times and we hope that offering our product for free over the next few months will help many law firms make the move to software which empowers remote workforces and helps manage their case load virtually with more ease."

            Casefriend provides Workers Compensation attorneys with comprehensive accessibility, remote working capabilities and automated intake to help expedite the inputting and organization of over 100 recognized Workers Compensation documents. The software utilizes Microsoft Azure cloud services to ensure the utmost security, reliability, and accessibility. All case documents are available at the click of a button, giving an entire firm the ability to work from home productively and confidently.

            "To say Casefriend has been an asset to our firm would be an understatement," said Munir Suleiman, Partner at Dabbah, Haddad, and Suleiman. "I was recently subbed-in on a new file and had scanned the necessary documents into Casefriend. I was able to review the file while away from the office and caught that the claim was on calendar for that following Monday- something the previous DA did not mention! Casefriend really came through for us and was something I was able to use remotely - it's exactly the solution that our firm has been looking for."

            Casefriend makes it easy for Workers Compensation attorneys to manage numerous injuries on a single case file and auto-enforce billing guidelines so firms can recover more with less administration effort. With paper-free management tools such as file intake, document management, case management, time entry and expenses, invoicing, and lien management- Casefriend is designed to ensure an efficient work-from-home experience.

            With the Automated Intake platform, Casefriend also significantly reduces the time spent organizing and distributing file referrals and mail - without using page separators. "When using our Automated Intake system, a firm could intake and organize every document in an 1,100-page file referral in under three hours- a task that would take over eight hours when using traditional intake methods," explained Puzder. "Casefriend exponentially increases productivity and ensures complete access to all file needs."

To learn more about the free trial offer through June 1, visit Casefriend.com/wc.

About Casefriend

Casefriend is a comprehensive law office system that empowers firms with the tools needed to reduce unnecessary overhead. By eliminating hard copies and automating common tasks, productivity and profitability are increased. Casefriend has been utilized among workers compensation attorneys in five states since 2013 and has been serving civil litigation practices since 2018. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit Casefriend.com/wc.


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