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Attorneys John Cattie and Rafael Gonzalez Partner to Create Cattie & Gonzalez, PLLC, the Only National Law Firm Focusing its Practice on Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance Law

Monday, August 3, 2020 | 342 | 0

August 3, 2020 - For Immediate Release


Attorneys John Cattie and Rafael Gonzalez Partner to Create Cattie & Gonzalez, PLLC, the Only National Law Firm Focusing its Practice on Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance Law


After almost 10 years of working in the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance industry, John Cattie made the following observation: while a lot of people (even attorneys) provided MSP compliance services to parties resolving workers' compensation, auto, and liability insurance claims in a non-legal capacity, few attorneys provided clients with legal advice about MSP compliance obligations when resolving those claims. John wanted to change that.


With that, John returned to private practice in 2016 and launched Cattie, P.L.L.C. ("Cattie"). His law firm (the "Firm") and the services he would provide his clients would be entirely unique from any other in the country. His clients would not only receive high quality MSP compliance advice, but would enjoy all the benefits that arise from establishing an attorney/client relationship. Specifically, the Firm would stand behind its work and advice. In other words, if Medicare ever pursued any of the Firm's clients, seeking additional dollars above and beyond amounts recommended by Cattie to reimburse Medicare, the Firm would defend its opinion against Medicare, including any post settlement conditional payments arising from the client's application of and reliance on the Firm's Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Legal Opinion.


John's idea was simple but revolutionary in the MSP industry - provide clients seeking advice on MSP compliance issues with legal advice and stand behind that advice 100%. [JC1] John set out to construct the premiere law firm in the country handling MSP compliance work around that simple revolutionary concept. If a client hired Cattie, the client could rely on the conclusions of the MSA Legal Opinion provided to settle the case and close the file for good. It was John's intent and purpose to make sure there was no possibility of Medicare recovering anything from his client resulting from the Firm's legal advice and opinions.


Over the last three years, Cattie has grown tremendously, becoming a nationally respected MSP compliance law firm with clients in 44 states. Over his career, John has addressed MSA issues in more than 12,000 cases, and saved clients more than $30 million in MSA exposure. Clients appreciate John's ability to explain complex issues in a manner that his clients can understand while resolving those same complex issues with Medicare.


In 2019, John added a traditional MSP vendor to his portfolio. He renamed it Cattie Compliance Partners (CCP)in order to provide his clients a full suite of MSP compliance services from both the medical and legal perspective. Clients not seeking legal advice from Cattie could now receive high quality MSA allocations written by some of the most experienced and qualified MSA nurse allocators in the industry. Cattie also proved instrumental in the development of cutting-edge document review and MSA writing software through CCP. Called Veloci-Docs, the software allows a user to review voluminous pdf files more than twice as fast as other document review software on the market. With that, John now offers the most robust and diverse MSP compliance suite of service offerings in the nation. John's clients can now seek legal advice about MSP issues, receive traditional MSP compliance advise via medical record review, or could handle MSP issues internally using the Veloci-Docs software.


Considering such growth and success, and in wanting to place the Firm among the elite institutions handling all aspects of MSP law, compliance, litigation, policy, regulation, and legislative work for the foreseeable future, the Firm is proud to announce that attorney Rafael Gonzalez has become a partner in the Firm, which will now be known as Cattie & Gonzalez, PLLC.


"For me, partnering with Rafael makes all the sense in the world. When I thought about adding a partner, I asked myself who would I hire if I had a conditional payment, MSA, or reporting problem with Medicare. Rafael's on the very short list of attorneys nationwide I'd hire to handle that for me personally. Rafael possesses the deep knowledge and experience in the MSP world from whom any client deserves to receive counsel. When I sought to build a law firm that would fundamentally change what it meant to receive high quality MSP compliance advice, Rafael was a natural first partner to bring onboard."


Rafael brings over 35 years of experience in determining when and how social security, Medicare, and Medicaid affect auto, liability, no-fault, and work comp claims. Rafael will continue to provide the Firm's clients legal advice on all areas of MSP compliance, including mandatory insurer reporting, conditional payment resolution, and MSA allocations. He will also continue his educational outreach by expanding the Firm's internal research, seminars, and articles, as well as the Firm's external blogs, presentations, and social media presence. Rafael will also continue to provide clients state and federal administrative, regulatory, and legislative counsel on all components of MSP compliance, including upcoming rules on civil money penalties linked to Medicare reporting and anticipated rules on liability, no-fault, and workers compensation set aside allocations for future medicals.


"I am so excited to join John in the practice of MSP law. Medicare and Medicaid compliance has become incredibly complex over the last 15 years. With CMS civil money penalties and set aside rules coming, private cause of action for double damages here to stay, US Treasury engagement a norm, and US Justice involvement more and more commonplace, MSP compliance is no longer a part time job, to be left to inexperienced or unsophisticated handlers. Comprehensive MSP compliance, which incorporates mandatory reporting, conditional payments recovery, and set aside allocations, is now a full time job, necessitating the highest skill and knowledge level. Today, in order to be compliant with all components of MSP requirements, plaintiffs and defendants need experienced experts to provide them with legal advice and counsel on how to best maneuver through the difficult and challenging MSP issues all parties face in auto, liability, no-fault, and work comp claims. Together, John and I are embarking on a new venture to bring forth the only firm in the country that will focus on providing plaintiffs and defendants honest, competent, and experienced legal advice and counsel on how to best comply with MSP statutory, regulatory, and policy mandates."


For further information, or any questions, please contact John Cattie or Rafael Gonzalez at (844) 546-3500 or jcattie@cattielaw.com or rgonzalez@cattielaw.com or visit the Firm's website at www.cattielaw.com.