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Case Name Abratte v. WCAB; Co. of Los Angeles
Date 07/11/2000
Note Public agencies subject to 132a; covers employment benefits.
Citation 65 CCC 790-NOT PUBLISHED
WCC Citation WCC 28132000 CA
OPINION: INTRODUCTION Petitioner, Pilar Abratte, was industrially injured while working for the County of Los Angeles (County). FACTUAL AND PROCEDURAL BACKGROUND Pilar Abratte, a medical technologist for the County of Los Angeles, admittedly sustained bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome to her wrists while at work from February 1, 1979, to August 17, 1995. Abratte also cited cases which found discrimination under section 132a for discontinuance of fringe benefits during shorter periods of temporary disability. 134], Abratte was not entitled to further accrual of sick and vacation days as these benefits were not being earned. Petitioner, Ms. Abratte, was an employee of Los Angeles County, and a member of a County employees union.

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