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Case Name: Gaiera v. WCAB 03/28/1969
Note: Selection of factors for disability rating and percentage are sole discretion of WCAB.
Citation: 271 Cal.App.2d 246, 34 CCC 182
WCC Citation: WCC 25381969 CA
Case Name: Gallamore v. WCAB 03/26/1979
Note: Multiple penalties proper for multiple delinquencies in benefits.
Citation: 23 Cal.3d 815
WCC Citation: WCC 28731979 CA
Case Name: Gallo v. WCAB 10/31/2007
Note: [Unpublished] When a party fails to seek review within the time allotted, both the WCAB and the court is without jurisdiction to hear future challenges to the decision.
Citation: F053819
WCC Citation: WCC 32752007 CA
Case Name: Galloway v. WCAB 05/05/1998
Note: Failure to notify applicant of time limits for filing injury comp. claim tolled statute of limitations.
Citation: 63 Cal.App.4th 880, 63 CCC 532
WCC Citation: WCC 3751998 CA
Case Name: Galt v. WCAB 09/21/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Because a medical report submitted by the plaintiff did not contain an indication of permanent disability, the 2005 schedule applies.
Citation: C055118, SAC327100
WCC Citation: WCC 32602007 CA
Case Name: Galvan v. WCAB 12/20/1990
Note: Receiving voluntary retirement benefits does not terminate right to disability indemnity.
Citation: 55 CCC 483
WCC Citation: WCC 24871990 CA
Case Name: Galvao v. WCAB 12/19/2008
Note: Employers are not entitled to credit against vocational rehabilitation maintenance allowance (VRMA) benefits for wages earned by an employee because VRMA benefits are not wage replacement benefits.
Citation: A122284
WCC Citation: WCC 34712008 CA
Case Name: Gamble v. WCAB 09/21/2006
Note: An employee's earnings from his second job are not a proper consideration in calculating an employer's liability for VRMA benefits.
Citation: 143 Cal. App. 4th 71
WCC Citation: WCC 31822006 CA
Case Name: Gapusan v. Jay 09/09/1998
Note: Employer no subrogation rights to loss of consortium claim.
Citation: 66 Cal.App.4th 734, 63 CCC 1144
WCC Citation: WCC 23891998 CA
Case Name: Garcia v. Becker Bros. Steel Co. 04/18/2011
Note: A steel business that sold its used steel-cutting machinery did not owe a duty of care to the employees of future businesses that bought the machinery.
Citation: B221096
WCC Citation: WCC 37452011 CA
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