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Case Name: Hughes v. Argonaut Insurance Co. 04/16/2001
Note: Carrier cannot be sued by injured worker for mishandling of its lien on the claimant's settlement with a third party tortfeasor.
Citation: 88 Cal.App.4th 517, 105 Cal.Rptr.2d 877
WCC Citation: WCC 31232001 CA
Case Name: Hughes v. WCAB 03/27/1989
Note: Employer's breach of duty to file disability status report does not toll filing time limits.
Citation: 54 CCC 115
WCC Citation: WCC 27431989 CA
Case Name: Huhamaki Americas v. WCAB 11/04/2008
Note: [Unpublished] The C&R controls, not Injured worker's unstated intention.
Citation: C057199
WCC Citation: WCC 34582008 CA
Case Name: Hulbert v. WCAB 04/29/1975
Note: If there's a dispute of facts, WCAB's award must stand; if none, court may set aside.
Citation: 47 Cal.App.3d 634, 40 CCC 823
WCC Citation: WCC 27381975 CA
Case Name: Hulse v. WCAB 10/29/1976
Note: Board's power to commute award into lump sum must be exercised reasonably, not arbitrarily.
Citation: 63 Cal.App.3d 221, 41 CCC 691
WCC Citation: WCC 26171976 CA
Case Name: Hunt v. El Camino Community College 03/21/2013
Note: The 2nd District Court of Appeal rejected a challenge by a community college professor to a jury verdict that her employer had not discriminated against her on the basis of her post traumatic stress disorder from an alleged rape on campus over 30 years ago.
Citation: B235293
WCC Citation: WCC 39942013 CA
Case Name: Hustedt v. WCAB 12/07/1981
Note: WCAB can punish contempt, but cannot prohibit atty. from practicing before the board.
Citation: 30 Cal.3d 329, 46 CCC 1284
WCC Citation: WCC 25661981 CA
Case Name: Hustedt v. WCAB (Sup. Ct. En Banc) 12/07/1981
Note: WCAB has power to punish attorneys for contempt, but cannot prohibit practice before Board.
Citation: 30 Cal.3d 329, 46 CCC 1284
WCC Citation: WCC 3701981 CA
Case Name: Huston v. WCAB 09/07/1979
Note: Comp. carrier had burden to prove TD before return to work, worker's burden after.
Citation: 95 Cal.App.3d 856, 44 CCC 798
WCC Citation: WCC 24861979 CA
Case Name: Hutchinson vs. WCAB, Sunbank Electronics 04/05/1989
Note: Travel mileage for prescriptive medication is reimbursable.
Citation: 209 Cal.App.3d 372, 54 CCC 124
WCC Citation: WCC 28291989 CA
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