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Case Name: Hotel Del Coronado, etc. v. WCAB 03/10/1998
Note: Failure/refusal to accept offer of alternative work during statutory time period does not terminate rights to benefits absent evidence on whether applicant could physically perform the job.
Citation: 63 CCC 1077
WCC Citation: WCC 28011998 CA
Case Name: Housing Authority v. WCAB 01/14/1998
Note: WCAB had jurisdiction over whether housing authority's chief of police was an employee.
Citation: 60 Cal.App.4th 1076, 63 CCC 1
WCC Citation: WCC 26801998 CA
Case Name: Howell v. Hamilton Meats & Provisions, Inc. 08/18/2011
Note: Personal injury plaintiffs may not collect the undiscounted portion of a provider's bill that was never paid for by the plaintiff or their health insurer, the Supreme Court of California ruled on Thursday.
Citation: S179115
WCC Citation: WCC 37912011 CA
Case Name: HSR Inc. v. WCAB 09/24/2007
Note: [Unpublished] A medical opinion is not substantial evidence if it is based on an inadequate history, speculation or guess.
Citation: H030998, SJO 0250601
WCC Citation: WCC 32592007 CA
Case Name: Huange vs. L.A. Haute 02/14/2003
Note: Presumption of negligence in LC 3708 does not extend to presumption of injury AOE/COE.
Citation: 106 Cal.App.4th 284
WCC Citation: WCC 29182003 CA
Case Name: Huantes v. Built Right Construction, Inc. 03/07/2012
Note: An attorney was entitled to nearly half of his client's recovery in a workers' compensation case as his contingency fee.
Citation: E053259
WCC Citation: WCC 38682012 CA
Case Name: Hubbard v. WCAB 11/03/1993
Note: No automatic denial upon expiration of statutory period when claim file is lost by Board through no fault of applicant.
Citation: 58 CCC 739
WCC Citation: WCC 27851993 CA
Case Name: Huffman vs. City of Poway 11/13/2000
Note: Failure to secure compensation will defeat exclusive remedy doctrine.
Citation: 84 Cal.App.4th 975, 65 CCC 1280
WCC Citation: WCC 3612000 CA
Case Name: Hughes v. Argonaut Insurance Co. 04/16/2001
Note: Carrier cannot be sued by injured worker for mishandling of its lien on the claimant's settlement with a third party tortfeasor.
Citation: 88 Cal.App.4th 517, 105 Cal.Rptr.2d 877
WCC Citation: WCC 31232001 CA
Case Name: Hughes v. WCAB 03/27/1989
Note: Employer's breach of duty to file disability status report does not toll filing time limits.
Citation: 54 CCC 115
WCC Citation: WCC 27431989 CA
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