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Case Name: Koscki v. Herbert 10/12/2007
Note: [Unpublished] It is reasonably probable that the claimant could have have cured the defect in her complaint through amendment.
Citation: F051098
WCC Citation: WCC 32662007 CA
Case Name: Koscki v. Herbert 05/26/2010
Note: [Unpublished] Claim barred by the exclusivity provision of the Workers' Compensation Act, because injury occurred within course and scope of employment while employer was actively insured.
Citation: F057422
WCC Citation: WCC 36312010 CA
Case Name: Kosowski v. WCAB 07/25/1985
Note: Employer may credit amounts independently earned by employee during leave against disability liabilities.
Citation: 170 Cal.App.3d 632, 50 CCC 427
WCC Citation: WCC 24591985 CA
Case Name: Koszdin v. SCIF 07/06/2010
Note: A trial court did not have jurisdiction over a suit seeking unpaid interest on Workers' Compensation Appeals Board attorney fee awards because the board did not specify that the awards should include interest, an appellate court ruled.
Citation: B214481
WCC Citation: WCC 36472010 CA
Case Name: Kowalski v. Shell Oil Co. 01/19/1979
Note: Since there was substantial evidence to support the jury's finding that Kowalski was not Shell's special employee, the trial court erred in granting the judgment notwithstanding the verdict. Therefore, that judgment is reversed and the trial court is directed to enter judgment for plaintiff.
Citation: 23 Cal.3d 168
WCC Citation: WCC 39361979 CA
Case Name: Krause v. WCAB 07/23/2010
Note: The 5th District Court of Appeal denied an applicant's petition for a writ of review that attempted to continue treatment outside of an insurer's medical provider network.
Citation: F058778
WCC Citation: WCC 36512010 CA
Case Name: Kreigsman v. WCAB 04/10/1993
Note: Lien claimant denied due process by lien reduction with no opportunity to argue for full amount due to scheduling conflict.
Citation: 58 CCC 244
WCC Citation: WCC 27761993 CA
Case Name: Kroger Co. v. WCAB (Rodriguez) 10/30/2012
Note: A Declaration of Readiness to Proceed does not need to be filed along with a notice of appeal challenging a vocational rehabilitation award for the appeal to be effective.
Citation: B239771
WCC Citation: WCC 39472012 CA
Case Name: Kroger Co. v. WCAB (Velasquez) 06/04/2012
Note: An employer's failure to file a declaration of readiness to proceed along with its notice of appeal of an administrative ruling did not invalidate its timely filed appeal to the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.
Citation: B236608
WCC Citation: WCC 39022012 CA
Case Name: Kunz vs. Patterson Floor Coverings 12/05/2002
Note: Failure to make specific objection does not waive it; OFMS applies to services prescibed by DR at outpatient center; Outpatient fees must be reasonble.
Citation: 67 Cal.Comp.Cases 1588
WCC Citation: WCC 28982002 CA
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