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Case Name: Little v. WCAB 11/16/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Substantial evidence supports the Board's finding that the petitioner filed a deficient skeletal petition for reconsideration and that he failed to prove he required erectile dysfunction medication on an industrial basis.
Citation: F053519
WCC Citation: WCC 32782007 CA
Case Name: Litzmann v. WCAB 09/27/1968
Note: Review awarded even though filed a day late when petition wrongfully rejected by clerk on last day for filing.
Citation: 266 Cal.App.2d 203, 33 CCC 584
WCC Citation: WCC 27091968 CA
Case Name: Lockheed Litigation Cases 02/02/2004
Note: An expert opinion must be based on matter that provides a reasonable basis for the opinion.
Citation: 115 Cal.App.4th 558
WCC Citation: WCC 29682004 CA
Case Name: Lockheed v. WCAB (McCullough) 03/19/2002
Note: 3208.3 threshhold applies to physical injuries, overrules REBELO
Citation: 96 Cal.App.4th 1237
WCC Citation: WCC 28412002 CA
Case Name: Lohnes v. Astron Computer Prod.; Crum & Forster 12/27/2001
Note: Court abused discretion dismissing intervention when local practices relied on.
Citation: 94 Cal.App.4th 1150
WCC Citation: WCC 28312001 CA
Case Name: Longval v. WCAB 12/16/1996
Note: Only attorneys licensed by State Bar of CA may receive attorney's fees.
Citation: 51 Cal.App.4th 792, 61 CCC 1396
WCC Citation: WCC 26021996 CA
Case Name: Lonicki v. Sutter Health Central 04/07/2008
Note: An employee is not entitled to leave under the Family Rights Act (CFRA) and to continuing benefits and job preservation with one employer while she demonstrates she is fully capable of performing a job with the same 'essential functions' for a second employer.
Citation: S130839
WCC Citation: WCC 33372008 CA
Case Name: Lopez v. Aramark Uniform and Career Apparel 12/27/2012
Note: An employer did not discriminate against an injured worker by refusing to put him in a position that was not available when he recovered from his injury and had met its requirement to make a reasonable accommodation by offering to allow the worker to stay on leave until the position became available.
Citation: B233058
WCC Citation: WCC 39632012 CA
Case Name: Lopez v. C.G.M. Development, Inc. 08/21/2002
Note: Injured employee of uninsured subcontractor cannot sue property owner.
Citation: 101 Cal. App. 4th 430
WCC Citation: WCC 28742002 CA
Case Name: Lopez v. Sikkema 04/08/1991
Note: C&R does not bar civil claims, not compensable under work comp., unless clear intent expressed in agreement.
Citation: 229 Cal.App.3d 31, 56 CCC 272
WCC Citation: WCC 25721991 CA
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