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Case Name: Paris v. USI Southern California Ins. Services 09/12/2008
Note: [Unpublished] There are triable issues of fact as to whether USI breached the April 1, 2003, employment agreement by failing to pay Paris all wages, bonuses, and commissions.
Citation: B200225
WCC Citation: WCC 34232008 CA
Case Name: Parish v. WCAB 05/04/1989
Note: a congenital disease is entitled to the presumption if there is an employment nexus.
Citation: 210 Cal.App.3d 92
WCC Citation: WCC 4151989 CA
Case Name: Park v. Arkema, Inc. 08/30/2012
Note: A former machine tool operator suffering from leukemia should have been allowed to present the opinion of a doctor linking his condition to his workplace exposure to benzene in opposition to a motion for summary judgment, even though that doctor was no longer designated as an expert witness.
Citation: B229513
WCC Citation: WCC 39282012 CA
Case Name: Parker v. WCAB 10/01/1992
Note: Injuries cannot be combined for rating if no common body part though P&S at same time.
Citation: 9 Cal.App.4th 1636, 57 CCC 608
WCC Citation: WCC 28671992 CA
Case Name: Parks v. WCAB 03/21/1983
Note: Going and coming rule not a bar to compensation where teacher was exposed to special risk in parking lot.
Citation: 33 Cal. 3d 585
WCC Citation: WCC 30561983 CA
Case Name: Parkwoods Comm. Assn. v. CIGA 08/07/2006
Note: Because other insurance was available to Parkwoods, CIGA is not obligated to satisfy a 'covered claim'.
Citation: 141 Cal. App. 4th 1362
WCC Citation: WCC 31722006 CA
Case Name: Parrent v. WCAB 01/05/2017
Note: The 4th District Court of Appeal on Thursday denied review of a dispute over whether an employer can refer a treatment recommendation from a doctor within its own medical provider network through utilization review and independent medical review.
Citation: WCAB No. ADJ339088)
WCC Citation:
Case Name: Pasquinelli v. State of CA 02/20/1975
Note: Claim for 1 yr. salary needs to be filed within 3 yrs. of employer's wrongful termination of benefits.
Citation: 45 Cal.App.3d 457
WCC Citation: WCC 26751975 CA
Case Name: Pasquotto v. Hayward Lumber 02/27/2006
Note: Order approving a compromise and release settlement is not a prior award of permanent disability for apportionment purposes.
Citation: 71 CCC 223
WCC Citation: WCC 31452006 CA
Case Name: Patterson v. Nestle Waters 05/20/2009
Note: [Unpublished] A worker failed to raise any issues of material fact in a suit alleging that a bottling plant violated the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.
Citation: E045764
WCC Citation: WCC 35262009 CA
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