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Case Name: Rubio v. WCAB 03/04/1985
Note: Amended application for claim of serious/willful misconduct is filed as of date of original if it sets forth no new legal theory, set of facts, cause of action.
Citation: 165 Cal.App.3d 196
WCC Citation: WCC 27571985 CA
Case Name: Rucker v. WCAB 07/13/2000
Note: While applicant cannot receive VRMA and PD simultaneously, 139.5 authorizes PDAs.
Citation: 82 Cal.App.4th 151
WCC Citation: WCC 3802000 CA
Case Name: Ruiz v. Cabrera 05/30/2002
Note: California Farm Labor Contractor Act does not create an exception to exclusive remedy.
Citation: 98 Cal.App.4th 1198
WCC Citation: WCC 28582002 CA
Case Name: Ruiz v. Herman Weissker, Inc. 06/09/2005
Note: Privette and Hooker principles apply also to hirer's agent - no liability to subcontractor's employee injured as result of subcontractor's negligence.
Citation: 130 Cal.App.4th 52
WCC Citation: WCC 31022005 CA
Case Name: Ruiz v. Industrial Accident Commission 10/28/1955
Note: The commission properly denied relief based upon the 240-week limitation in Labor Code 5406.
Citation: 23751
WCC Citation: WCC 35491955 CA
Case Name: Runnion v. WCAB 11/18/1997
Note: Attorney sanctioned for not showing at hearing, fees were to compensate for time wasted.
Citation: 59 Cal.App.4th 277
WCC Citation: WCC 26261997 CA
Case Name: Russ et al. v. Fremont Unified School District 12/30/2008
Note: Three tenants who leased space from the Fremont Unified School District in exchange for their services were most likely the district's employees as a matter of law.
Citation: A119260
WCC Citation: WCC 34722008 CA
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