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Case Name: Salcido v. WCAB (LA Unified) 02/27/1998
Note: No relief from attorney mistake in filing Petition for Reconsideration late, filing at wrong office, etc.
Citation: 63 CCC 483
WCC Citation: WCC 27221998 CA
Case Name: Saldana v. Globe-Weis Systems Co. 09/10/1991
Note: Discussing maintenance, removal, and replacement of guard, and term 'known.'
Citation: 233 Cal.App.3d 1505
WCC Citation: WCC 24201991 CA
Case Name: Salit v. WCAB 11/17/2011
Note: A judge based a decision denying compensation for a former police officer's irritable bowel syndrome upon insufficient evidence, the 2nd District Court of Appeal concluded.
Citation: B225515
WCC Citation: WCC 38292011 CA
Case Name: Sameyah v. Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association 11/19/2010
Note: A county retirement board successfully rebutted a presumption that a deputy sheriff's lymphoma arose out of and in the course of employment, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled.
Citation: B222290
WCC Citation: WCC 36852010 CA
Case Name: San Bernardino Comm. Hospital v. WCAB 09/03/1999
Note: Applicant unfairly didn't disclose doctor's report or witness at MSC; Board's power to develop record can't circumvent 5502(d)(3).
Citation: 74 Cal.App.4th 928
WCC Citation: WCC 25491999 CA
Case Name: San Diego v. WCAB 08/02/2007
Note: [Unpublished] The 2005 schedule applies when pre-Jan. 1st, 2005 doctor's report does not indicate the existence of permanent disability.
Citation: D049878
WCC Citation: WCC 32462007 CA
Case Name: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District v. Fair Employment and Housing Commission 01/21/2009
Note: The Bay Area Rapid Transit District violated the Fair Employment and Housing Act by failing to accommodate a maintenance worker who could not perform a small portion of his duties.
Citation: A119953
WCC Citation: WCC 34812009 CA
Case Name: San Francisco Unified School Dist. v. WCAB (Cordozo) 11/16/2010
Note: A workers' compensation judge must consider nonindustrial factors while deciding whether good faith personnel actions were the substantial cause of a psychiatric injury, the 1st District Court of Appeal concluded.
Citation: A128365
WCC Citation: WCC 38202010 CA
Case Name: San Mateo County v WCAB 10/17/1990
Note: Penalties proper because employer didn't establish doubt as to its liability; multiple penalties because multiple acts of delay.
Citation: 55 CCC 378
WCC Citation: WCC 26471990 CA
Case Name: Sanchez v. Brooke 03/08/2012
Note: An in-home health care worker who was badly burned attempting to rescue her ward from a burning building could not recover the full amount billed for her care since her medical provider accepted a discounted amount from her employer.
Citation: B224835
WCC Citation: WCC 38702012 CA
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