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Case Name: Albillo vs. Intermodal 12/11/2003
Note: It is unlawful for a company to enter into a contract with an independent contactor and then require the independent contractor to pay the cost of workers' compensation insurance premiums.
Citation: 114 Cal.App.4th 190
WCC Citation: WCC 29612003 CA
Case Name: Aldi v. Carr, McClellan, etc. 06/21/2006
Note: Failure by the Division of Workers' Compensation to adopt a new permanent disability rating schedule (PDRS) on or before 1/1/05, as mandated by Labor Code section 4660(e), did not otherwise alter its applicability to injuries that occurred earlier than 1/1/05.
Citation: 70 CCC 783
WCC Citation: WCC 31672006 CA
Case Name: Alejandre v. Valleycrest Companies 09/29/2008
Note: [Unpublished] An employee's dependents may not maintain a civil action for damages where, as here, the employee is injured by the employer's deliberate failure to assure that workplace equipment is safe, and conceals the lack of safety features on that equipment.
Citation: A120256
WCC Citation: WCC 34312008 CA
Case Name: Algara v. Automobile Club of Southern California 08/21/2012
Note: An office worker who was unable to return to work after more than six months of medical leave could not assert a viable disability discrimination claim against her employer based on its decision to terminate her and hire someone else to fill her position, which it had held open for 24 weeks.
Citation: E054171
WCC Citation: WCC 39242012 CA
Case Name: Alhambra Comm. Hospital v. WCAB 06/21/1979
Note: Disputed claim can be settled without satisfaction of any outstanding liens or lien claimant's consent.
Citation: 44 CCC 611
WCC Citation: WCC 25271979 CA
Case Name: Ali v. USA. Cab Ltd. 07/24/2009
Note: The declarations of 36 putative class members sufficiently shows that they plaintiffs failed to meet their burden as to the predominance of common issues.
Citation: D052127
WCC Citation: WCC 35472009 CA
Case Name: Aliano v. WCAB 12/24/1979
Note: Reopened b/c employer failed to properly present facts in original decision; Service of hospital records not required but their willful suppression is fraud.
Citation: 100 Cal.App.3d 341, 44 CCC 1156
WCC Citation: WCC 26651979 CA
Case Name: Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. v. Gaddy 02/07/2008
Note: A noncompetitive covenant regarding the sale of a company may only address the geographic location in which the company sold does business. However, the area where a business is 'carried on' is not limited to the locations of its buildings, plants and warehouses, nor the area in which it actually made sales. Here, a company that primarily does business in 4 counties is able to show that they are a California service and may enforce a covenant not to compete in any and all 58 counties in California.
Citation: C055192
WCC Citation: WCC 33142008 CA
Case Name: Allied Interstate, Inc. v. GTS Home Health Services, Inc. 02/14/2013
Note: A home health care provider which admitted having received a copy of the summons and complaint filed by the assignee of a State Compensation Insurance Fund debt was not entitled to have the default judgment against it vacated on the basis of improper service.
Citation: B237823
WCC Citation: WCC 39872013 CA
Case Name: Allied Interstate, Inc. v. Sessions Payroll Management, Inc. 02/16/2012
Note: State Compensation Insurance Fund properly applied a 121% experience modifier to a Burbank payroll company that serves the movie industry.
Citation: B226134
WCC Citation: WCC 38592012 CA
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