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Case Name: Garzoli v. WCAB 04/30/1970
Note: Coming and going defense not applicable if officer required to wear uniform and render assistance.
Citation: 2 Cal. 3d 502
WCC Citation: WCC 30451970 CA
Case Name: Gay v. WCAB, Guarantee Collection Co. 08/30/1979
Note: Dr's report must demonstrate legal basis for apportionment under principle of reasonable medical probability.
Citation: 96 CA 3d 555, 44 CCC 817
WCC Citation: WCC 28451979 CA
Case Name: Gaytan vs. WCAB 05/28/2003
Note: QME may be PTP after compliance with 4061, 4062, but disputes must be resolved per Reg 9785 before presumption apply.
Citation: 109 Cal.App.4th 200
WCC Citation: WCC 29352003 CA
Case Name: Gee vs. WCAB, Lucky Stores 03/22/2002
Note: PTP presumption need not be formally raised; it applies if facts support application.
Citation: 96 Cal.App.4th 1418
WCC Citation: WCC 28422002 CA
Case Name: Gelfo v. Lockheed Martin Corp. 06/02/2006
Note: Failure to accommodate or engage in interactive process following work injury where employer does not consider employee 'actually disabled' is violation of FEHA.
Citation: 140 Cal. App. 4th 34
WCC Citation: WCC 31622006 CA
Case Name: Gelson's Markets, Inc. v. WCAB (Fowler) 11/13/2009
Note: The appropriate standard for determining discrimination against a industrially-injured worker is that set out by the Supreme Court in Rehabilitation v. Workers' Comp. Appeals Bd. (2003) 30 Cal.4th 1281 (Lauher).
Citation: B209336
WCC Citation: WCC 35782009 CA
Case Name: General Casualty et. al., etc. vs. WCAB, CIGA 10/20/2004
Note: Where the workers' compensation carrier for the general employer has become insolvent, and where there are no specific exclusions from the workers' compensation policy of the special employer, the policy provided by the insurer of the special employer constitutes
Citation: 123 Cal. App. 4th 202
WCC Citation: WCC 30332004 CA
Case Name: General Casualty Ins. v. WCAB 07/25/2005
Note: Policy not intended to extend to special coverage employees is not considered
Citation: 131 Cal. App. 4th 345; 31 Cal. Rptr. 3d 740
WCC Citation: WCC 31072005 CA
Case Name: General Foundry Service vs. WCAB (Jackson) 08/04/1986
Note: In cases of insidious, progressive diseases, the Board may tentatively rate the disability and reserve jurisdiction until P&S or until the permanent disability is 100%.
Citation: 42 Cal.3d 331; 51 CCC 375
WCC Citation: WCC 29471986 CA
Case Name: General Ins. Co. of America v. WCAB 04/07/1980
Note: Where liability of 4 different insurers is interwoven, 2 filed for reconsideration, all 4 must be heard.
Citation: 104 Cal.App.3d 278, 45 CCC 403
WCC Citation: WCC 26581980 CA
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