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Case Name: Patterson v. Sharp 08/31/1970
Note: Reduction of 3rd party death benefits due to finding of employer negligence.
Citation: 10 Cal.App.3d 990
WCC Citation: WCC 24741970 CA
Case Name: Paul Brothers v. New York State Electric and Gas Corp. 10/21/2008
Note: Although plaintiff presses the point that NYSEG should be held liable because it voluntarily assumed a duty to comply with the safety regulations recited in the permit, NYSEG does not really have a choice in the matter; it cannot shirk maintenance work in state highway rights-of-way.
Citation: 00002
WCC Citation: WCC 34462008 CA
Case Name: Pavon, et al v. Glaeser Builders, Inc. 09/26/2011
Note: A trial court erred by dismissing a general negligence cause of action after determining a worker who was fatally electrocuted was an independent contractor.
Citation: B225280
WCC Citation: WCC 38052011 CA
Case Name: Payless Shoe Source v. WCAB 07/08/2008
Note: [Unpublished] The WCAB must determine whether a report of a treating physician indicated the existence of permanent disability, thereby warranting the use of the 1997 PDRS. If the record is void of such evidence prepared before January 1, 2005, then Dalerio's permanent disability must be rated under the 2005 PDRS pursuant to section 4660, subdivision (d).
Citation: F053612
WCC Citation: WCC 33932008 CA
Case Name: PDM Steel Service Centers v. Mullen & Filippi 08/08/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Given all of the facts and the controlling legal authority, any reasonable attorney would agree this appeal is totally and completely without merit.
Citation: F054031
WCC Citation: WCC 34102008 CA
Case Name: Peak v. IAC 12/18/1947
Note: Award set aside b/c expert testimony not served to all parties involved.
Citation: 82 Cal.App.2d 926
WCC Citation: WCC 25781947 CA
Case Name: Pearl v. WCAB (Sup. Ct.) 07/19/2001
Note: Gov't Code sect. 20046, and not Labor Code 3208.3, governs whether disability of a PERS member is
Citation: 26 Cal.4th 189, 64 CCC 470
WCC Citation: WCC 28102001 CA
Case Name: Pearson Dental Supplies v. Superior Court of Los Angeles 04/26/2010
Note: Where a clear error of law by an arbitrator means that an employee subject to a mandatory arbitration agreement will be deprived of a hearing on the merits of an unwaivable statutory employment claim, the award may be vacated.
Citation: S167169
WCC Citation: WCC 36172010 CA
Case Name: Pearson Ford v. WCAB (Hernandez) 10/06/2017
Note: The 4th District Court of Appeal has ordered publication of its decision from last month allowing a worker to collect benefits even though he had been convicted of workers’ compensation fraud.
Citation: D070915
WCC Citation: WCAB No. ADJ4081602
Case Name: Pebworth vs. Allan Hancock College, PSI 08/08/2003
Note: Voc rehab from pre 1/1/03 injury cannot be settled for lump sum.
Citation: 68 Cal.Comp.Cases 1168
WCC Citation: WCC 29532003 CA
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