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Florianman kleinman

Insurance Defense at statue of liberty
Phone 8053878605 ext 2
Email flofloflo@floflo.com
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Address 123 moliere avenue
thousand oaks
CA, 91360

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Case Law Library

Case Name: Los Angeles Co. Professional Peace Officers' Assoc. v. County of Los Angeles 07/22/2008
Note: The county's payment policy violates Labor Code s. 4850.
Citation: B200582
WCC Citation: WCC 34022008 CA
Case Name: Los Angeles County Fire Dept vs. WCAB (Norton) 05/25/2010
Note: An award of VRMA that was not final before repeal of LC 139.5 is disallowed.
Citation: B214649
WCC Citation: WCC 36292010 CA
Case Name: Los Angeles Unified School Dist. v. WCAB 01/11/1984
Note: Entitled to TD indemnity concurrently with PERS retirement payments.
Citation: 150 Cal.App.3d 823, 49 CCC 48
WCC Citation: WCC 27011984 CA
Case Name: Losonsky v. Tektronix, Inc. 01/23/2013
Note: A self-represented worker should not have been denied his day in court based solely on his failure to comply with the filing deadline for his amended complaint for violations of his civil rights and wrongful termination.
Citation: B239696
WCC Citation: WCC 39732013 CA
Case Name: Lovett v. Carrasco 04/15/1998
Note: The common fund doctrine cannot be applied to apportion a plaintiff's attorney fees among contractual medical lienholders.
Citation: 63 Cal.App.4th 48
WCC Citation: WCC 35921998 CA
Case Name: Luchini v. WCAB 04/30/1970
Note: Prophylactic restrictions are valid for rating permanent disability.
Citation: 7 Cal.App.3d 141, 35 CCC 205
WCC Citation: WCC 25211970 CA
Case Name: Lui v. City and County of San Francisco 12/11/2012
Note: The city and county of San Francisco's inability to accommodate a disabled police officer in an administrative position did not violate the Fair Employment and Housing Act.
Citation: A131882
WCC Citation: WCC 39542012 CA
Case Name: Lujan vs. Minagar 12/09/2004
Note: Retaliatory discharge action lies for who MIGHT report a safety violation.
Citation: 124 Cal. App. 4th 1040
WCC Citation: WCC 30682004 CA
Case Name: Lujan vs. WCAB, Vanier Graphics 12/03/1985
Note: Full time post injury earnings must be considered for a fair determination of earning capacity.
Citation: 175 CA3rd 212
WCC Citation: WCC 29901985 CA
Case Name: Luna v. WCAB 02/29/1988
Note: Going and coming: requirements to find special mission an exception to rule.
Citation: 199 C.A.3d 77
WCC Citation: WCC 28521988 CA
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