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Heroin, Pot and Workers' Comp

Monday, December 21, 2015 | 1058 | 1 | min read

If a new occupational risk were to emerge to cripple workers and burden employers and insurers with tens of billions of dollars in costs, how would people respond? The history of the past three decades suggests that it takes seven to ten years for a consensus for action to form, and another seven to ten years to act with significant widespread impact.  The history of prescribed opioids and football concussions suggest this to be the case.  The risk becomes more transparent, responses begin with half measures then become more convincing, and entangled secondary effects emerge.  ...

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David Langham Nov 3, 2016 07:58 AM

So the doctors do not want to be trained, the users are gaining access to substances, and seem inclined to use. What options are given to the patient? The answer likely is not opium. I have asked it before, but the relevant question is "what is the solution for these people's pain." Telling people to ignore the pain/discomfort, or to live with it is also not apparently working. I have seen many a patient, before the opium boom, that self- medicated with alcohol. Can we find a way to solve the problem that leads to dependence, habit, addiction, and all too often death or disability?

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