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Report: Clearwater Cop Arrested for Alleged Comp, Pension Fraud

Friday, June 21, 2024 | 0

A police officer in Clearwater, Florida, was arrested after investigators allegedly observed him engaging in activities that contradicted the limitations he cited when seeking workers’ compensation benefits and a disability pension, according to a report by the Tampa Free Press.

Scott Penna was arrested Thursday and charged with grand theft, scheme to defraud and pension fraud.

Penna has reportedly been on and off light duty since a January 2023 injury sustained while removing someone from his patrol car.

Penna had two surgeries on his right arm. He applied for a disability pension in February, saying he could no longer do the job of a police officer because of limitations with his right hand. In March, he reportedly said he could no longer drive to work to perform a light-duty assignment.

The city’s risk management department launched a probe, and investigators reportedly observed him driving his personal vehicle often, using both hands without apparent restrictions and lifting weights at a gym.

“The behaviors exhibited on surveillance video were inconsistent with his alleged disability and limitations,” Police Chief Eric Gandy told the newspaper.


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