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Workers' Compensation News

Homeland Security, Smallpox Raise WC Issues 12/12/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 78 | 0 | Popular with Legal
As the country prepares for war, and the possibility of an attempt to use biological weapons of mass destruction, issues of workers' compensation are coming to the forefront as states grapple with inoculating health care workers from small pox.The small pox vaccine itself is a live virus tha...Read More
Horseracers Want Their Own Insurance Co 12/11/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 73 | 0
Officials in the horse racing industry, apparently enamored with the success of the California Thoroughbred Racing industry, are now exploring the possibility of an industry-owned insurance company to deal with out of control workers' compensation premiums. One major obstacle they have identified, h...Read More
Hawaii Press Release on Rate Approval 12/05/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 32 | 0
The Hawaii Insurance Division has released the following press release concerning the workers' compensation rate approval reported in workcompcentral on 12/03/02:Agreeing with Insurance Commis...Read More
Hearing on CA Deductible Tax Set 12/18 12/04/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 39 | 0
Earlier this year, Acting Insurance Commissioner Harry Low, unilaterally approved a premium tax on the deductible portion for employers who held a large deductible policy from 1997 going forward. This decision reversed a prior order by the former Insurance Commissioner that these reimbursements to ...Read More
HA Rates Approved - Increase of 8%, not 15.8% 12/03/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 33 | 0
The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), apparently agreeing with Hawaii Insurance Commissioner Wayne Metcalf, has amended its request for an increase in workers' compensation rates to 8 percent. On November 1 Metcalf denied NCCI's request for a 15.8% loss cost workers' compen...Read More
Health Net Finalizes HCO Enrollment, AIG Assists 12/02/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 138 | 0
Health Net, Inc. (NYSE:HNT) announced Friday that it completed the enrollment of more than 6,500 of its California-based employees in a state-certified Health Care Organization (HCO) that provides medical care for workers injured on the job. Operated by Health Net's Employer and Occupation...Read More
HA Commissioner Says State #2 in Captives 11/27/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 70 | 0
In his noon address to the Hawaii Captive Insurance Council at the Ala Moana Hotel, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Metcalf today announced that Hawaii's captive insurance industry is well-positioned for the challenges of the future. "The captive insurance industry in Hawaii is well-pos...Read More
Hartford and SBA Provide Small Business Tools 11/26/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 97 | 0
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., and the U.S. Small Business Administration have teamed up to provide state-of-the-art risk management educational materials and online interactive tools and training for small business owners. Materials developed by The Hartford's loss control experts are...Read More
HIH Hawaii Gets S&P 'R' Rating 11/26/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 34 | 0
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said yesterday that it has assigned its 'R' financial strength rating to HIH America Insurance Co. of Hawaii Inc. (HIH Hawaii) because of the company's insolvency and ongoing liquidation. The State Insurance Commissioner of Hawaii officially declared HIH ...Read More
Harleysville to Buy Penn Mutual Operations 11/26/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 36 | 0
Harleysville Mutual Insurance Company and Penn Mutual Insurance Company have reached an agreement, subject to the approval of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, whereby Harleysville Mutual will acquire Penn Mutual's operations. Harleysville Mutual owns 56 percent of Harleysville Group Inc. ...Read More
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