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Workers' Compensation News


Mentkowski: Opioid Cases Consolidated Into MDL 12/11/2017
By: Timothy S. Mentkowski
State: NA | Segment: Top | 920 | 0 | Popular with Legal
After considering a motion brought by the plaintiffs in 46 actions pending in nine federal districts across the country, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) entered an order on Tuesday, transferring those actions to the Northern District of Ohio for coordinated or consolidat...Read More

Morton: Better Pain Care Is Possible, Without Increasing Risk 10/31/2017
Source: Joel Morton
State: NA | Segment: Top | 793 | 0
There are a lot of important conversations happening surrounding the challenges of caring for the nation’s injured. One of the biggest challenges we face is opioids, and the challenge can be distilled down to the following points: ...Read More

Mahjoubi: The Evolution of Liens 10/16/2017
By: David F. Mahjoubi
State: CA | Segment: Top | 1488 | 1
When I started working in workers’ compensation I was a hearing representative traveling throughout the state to every board as a lien claimant. There were far fewer liens in Northern California. It was not uncommon to see just one or two liens associated with a claim. ...Read More

Moore: Accident Curve and Natural Disasters 09/18/2017
By: James Moore
State: NA | Segment: Top | 816 | 0
The accident curve measures the accident rate lessening per unit of work time. The concept has been debated over time. A search far and wide located a 1916 text that actually addressed this issue very well. ...Read More

Moore: Silent Risk Management Mistakes Stay Under The Radar 05/02/2017
Source: James Moore
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1285 | 0
These five silent risk management mistakes in workers' comp never show up on a graph, chart or in a report. After all the RIMS buzz last week, I decided to cover the mistakes I have seen in my 27 years in the insurance business from a risk management standpoint.    ...Read More

More: Double Amputee Was a Force of Positivity 03/08/2017
By: Keith P. More
State: CA | Segment: Top | 1672 | 0 | Popular with Legal
On Thursday, March 2, 2017, the world lost a beacon of hope and perseverance when my friend and client Dwight Johnson passed away. Dwight’s life and story are amazing, and are ones I feel obligated to share. ...Read More

Moore: Workers' Comp Hot Buttons Top 10 Recycled Again 02/10/2017
By: James Moore
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1281 | 0
The top 10 workers' comp hot-buttons never seem to be new. The topics are recycled again and again as newfound topics of the press and in most WC conversations.   ...Read More

Moore: Google Play Store and My Annual Search for Work Comp Apps — Not Good 12/23/2016
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1635 | 0
The Google Play Store (where Android Apps live) was my last hope for a humongous leap in my continuous search for technology in workers' comp. Once again, as expected, I was more than disappointed. ...Read More

Morton: Opioid Abuse is More Than a 'Doctor Problem' 11/08/2016
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1704 | 0
Every day, another overdose reinforces the gravity of the opioid abuse epidemic.  ...Read More

Moore: Five Ways in Which Workers' Comp Insurance Is Unique 10/31/2016
State: NA | Segment: Top | 850 | 0
Workers' comp insurance is now one of the more maligned insurance lines. Other than the Affordable Care Act, much negativity spread quickly throughout the press.   ...Read More
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