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Old vs New PDRS Issue Joined 01/28/2006
State: CA | Segment: | 575 | 0
A recent decision by a WCJ in San Francisco on the effective date of the new Permanent Disability Rating Schedule (PDRS) is making the rounds of the legal community. Judge David Hettick has issued a 10 page opinion that the new PDRS, which incorporates the AMA guides, is effective only for injuries...Read More
Observations on Medscape, IDET, Jusrisprudence 01/14/2006
State: CA | Segment: | 337 | 0
by "Jake" Jacobsmeyer There are a couple of items of interest that I wish to bring to your attention. Medscape Article on IDET Procedure: The most recent copy of Medscape, which is an electronic update from the American Medical Association, contains a fascinating re...Read More
Objecting to Spinal Surgery for a Second Opinion - Part 2 06/04/2005
State: CA | Segment: | 2870 | 0
This is the second in a two part series by attorney Geoffrey K. Hansen on the spinal surgery dispute resolution process. The first part can be read by clicking on the article title in the sidebar at right. How does the AD assign the second opinion physician? ADR 9788.5 The stat...Read More
Objecting to Spinal Surgery for a Second Opinion 05/22/2005
State: CA | Segment: | 940 | 0
One important aspect of SB 228 (Chapter 639, Statutes of 2003, effective January 1, 2004) was the amendment of LC 4062 to provide an expedited procedure allowing an employer to obtain a second opinion where the treating physician recommends spinal surgery. In this article, we will examine the proce...Read More
Observations & Questions About the Lien Fee Regulation 01/03/2004
State: CA | Segment: | 525 | 0
SB 228 introduced new Labor Code section 4903.05, which became effective on the first of the this year, 2004. That new code section required the Division of Workers' Compensation to collect a one ...Read More
Overtime Pay not Worked: The Fenn Case and TTD 11/22/2003
State: CA | Segment: | 321 | 0
The California Court of Appeals in April ruled that un-worked overtime pay of full salary made to a firefighter pursuant to LC 4850 is not to be included in the calculation of wages for determination of indemnity benefits, resolving an obscure but common issue in public entity claims.In ...Read More
Observations Based on Recent Case Law 11/22/2003
State: CA | Segment: | 613 | 0
Are 4650 penalties due on late lump sum VRMA payments? A few months back, we reported on the WCAB en banc decision in Crump/Rivera where the Board determined that L.C. section 4650 penalties were due on any late payments of indemnity, including lump sum payme...Read More
Overpaid PD and Liability for Attorney Fees 11/08/2003
State: CA | Segment: | 1584 | 0 | Popular with Legal
What is the liability of the carrier where there is an award for attorney fees but permanent disability has been overpaid? A user in the workcompcentral.com Professional Forum, Legal topics, presented the following ...Read More
Other Changes - AB 749 & Rehab 03/08/2002
State: CA | Segment: | 522 | 0
AB 749 also creates Sections 139.47, 139.48, and 139.49 that are intended to substantially enhance return to work efforts originally introduced under L.C. ...Read More
Online Scheduling and Reporting in Comp 01/17/2002
State: CA | Segment: | 633 | 0
Typically, scheduling an MRI/CT involves telephoning, or faxing a scheduling request. Radiological services are leading the automation initiative in industrial medicine with on line scheduling and reporting.An example is the MedFocus Radiology Network website ...Read More
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