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Workers' Compensation News

Supreme Court Rules 'some Contribution' to Causation in Death Case Sufficient for Liability 06/23/2015
By: Richard M. Jacobsmeyer
State: NA | Segment: Top | 2579 | 0
The California Supreme Court has reversed a Court of Appeal decision, which had in turn reversed a Worker's Compensation Appeals Board award of dependency benefits in South Coast Framing v WCAB (Clark). The ...Read More
Supreme Court Weighs in on Carrier's Right to File 3rd-Party Action 05/29/2015
By: Gary Wickert
State: NA | Segment: Top | 731 | 0
The ongoing saga in Pennsylvania – colloquially referred to as the “reluctant plaintiff problem” – has perhaps come to an end. Section 671 of Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Subrogation Statute couldn’t be clearer. It unambiguously states, “&he...Read More
Stevens Writ Granted 12/18/2014
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1077 | 0
Could the California courts finally be ready to rule on the constitutionality of independent medical review? We may be on the verge of seeing that issue decided. On Dec. 3, the California Court of Appeal First Appellate District, Division One ...Read More
Supreme Court Deals with Question of Voluntary Job Abandonment 11/04/2014
Source: Paul Pfeifer
State: NA | Segment: Top | 685 | 0
On Sept. 6, 2006, Wanda Jacobs injured her back while working at her job for Cenveo, Inc. – a manufacturer of envelopes, labels and related items. She was treated at the emergency room the next day and released. Her treating physician – Dr. Marinela L. Turc – said that Wanda cou...Read More
Storm Warnings Not to Ignore 10/27/2014
By: Peter Rousmaniere (Featured Columnist)
State: NA | Segment: Top | 683 | 0
I recently asked some individuals if the workers' compensation system might experience big disruptions in the next three years.  They answered by a strong consensus that the downward trend in work injuries will not reverse itself, nor accelerate. At least half considered as proba...Read More
Still Pending 09/26/2014
State: NA | Segment: Top | 549 | 0
In the next few days Gov. Jerry Brown will probably act on two bills of great interest to the workers’ comp community. According to an Assembly floor analysis, Assembly Bill 2616 (Skinner) would “extend to certain hospital employees who provide direct patient care the pre...Read More
September Case Law Update 09/12/2014
Source: Michael W. Sullivan
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1545 | 0
BUSINESS OF INSURANCE In Green-Steininger v. Image Support Systems, 2014 Cal. Wrk. Comp. P.D. LEXIS 377, the WCAB affirmed a WCJ's decision that CIGA was not entitled to any further reimbursement from a special employer when it established by a preponderance of substantial eviden...Read More
Supreme Court Decides to Stay Out of Work-Product Issue 06/10/2014
By: Joshua G. Holden
State: AL | Segment: | 443 | 0
In Ex parte Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., released on September 27, 2013 (summarized on our blog September 28, 2013), the Alabama Supreme Court granted the employer’s pe...Read More
Stats, Lies and the Truth 05/19/2014
By: Michael T. Berns
State: NY | Segment: | 594 | 0
As I have written on more than one occasion, a hospital can brag about how the mortality rate in their hospital has dropped to almost zero: they have a special squad that takes patients who are about to die and moves them into the parking lot next door to die.The same holds true for the ...Read More
Should We Get the Workers' Comp Commission Ready for Rauner? 03/27/2014
By: Eugene Keefe
State: IL | Segment: | 885 | 0
As we predicted, upstart candidate Bruce Rauner basically came from nowhere to sweep to become the Republican candidate for Governor. The oddest aspect of the primary was the millions spent by government unions to support Rauner’s leading Republican opponent and the phone calls and pleas for D...Read More
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