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Special Reports

The Uncompensated Worker: Financial Impact of Work Comp on Households

Known as the "Grand Bargain" between employers and workers, workers' compensation was designed to compensate employees who are unable to work due to an on-the-job injury. Each year, about a million workers miss at least one day of work because of a work-place injury, This report examines how an injured worker and his/her household are affected when a worker receives compensation for lost work days. <br /> <br /> Depending on the state, the rules and regulations that dictate how much compensation an injured worker receives, and when, vary in 31 states, workers receive a take-home pay of 15% or more when they're injured on the job, and in half of the states, households with two median wage earners, one on work disability and the other working full time, cannot afford to sustain their basic budget. The realistic scenarios depicted in this report illustrate that injured workers in every state could, through no fault of their own, suffer financial hardship from a work injury.