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Case Name: Fortich v. WCAB 09/09/1991
Note: Lack of notice of intention to order dismissal deprives applicant of due process.
Citation: 233 Cal.App.3d 1449, 56 CCC 537
WCC Citation: WCC 27201991 CA
Case Name: Forzetting v. WCAB 06/18/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Each injury must be separately apportioned for cause under sections 4663 and 4664, and PD awards may not be combined.
Citation: B209323
WCC Citation: WCC 35352009 CA
Case Name: Foster v. WCAB 04/17/2008
Note: Where independent injuries result in concurrent periods of temporary disability, the 104-week / two-year limitation likewise runs concurrently.
Citation: C056820
WCC Citation: WCC 33452008 CA
Case Name: Fotheringham v. Avery Denison Corp. 02/13/2013
Note: A worker whose disability discrimination allegations against her former employer spawned litigation lasting more than a decade has lost her challenge to the attorney fee and cost award she received for prevailing at the second of the two trials on her claims.
Citation: B238282
WCC Citation: WCC 39862013 CA
Case Name: Fotheringham v. Avery Dennison 03/19/2008
Note: [Unpublished] It was up to Fotheringham to demonstrate that a triable issue of fact existed as to whether Avery Dennison terminated her employment in retaliation for engaging an attorney to represent her and seek accommodations. Fotheringham met that burden. She produced evidence that Avery Dennison fired her the day after it received her attorney's letter requesting accommodations.
Citation: B187949
WCC Citation: WCC 33282008 CA
Case Name: Fotheringham v. Avery Dennison Corporation 03/22/2011
Note: A plaintiff worker who proved that her employer failed to accommodate her disability, in violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act, is entitled to more than $474,000 in attorney fees and costs in addition to her $54,000 damages award.
Citation: B217757
WCC Citation: WCC 37362011 CA
Case Name: Francies v. Kapla 03/30/2005
Note: Filing of work comp claim does not amount to consent to disclosure of HIV status.
Citation: 127 Cal.App.4th 1381
WCC Citation: WCC 30882005 CA
Case Name: Franczak v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co. 05/24/1977
Note: Superior court had jurisdiction to enforce interest awarded by WCAB.
Citation: 19 Cal.3d 481, 42 CCC 422
WCC Citation: WCC 26061977 CA
Case Name: Frank D. Brown v. Desert Christian Center 03/17/2011
Note: A trial court had jurisdiction to award a defendant employer $7,910 in costs it incurred while defending against an employee's civil suit.
Citation: F060139
WCC Citation: WCC 37302011 CA
Case Name: Fred T. Hines v. New United Motors Mfg. 04/30/2001
Note: If existing award for treatment, employee does NOT need to follow 4061/4062 for new physician.
Citation: 66 CCC 478 (En Banc)
WCC Citation: WCC 28152001 CA
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