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Florianman kleinman

Insurance Defense at statue of liberty
Phone 8053878605 ext 2
Email flofloflo@floflo.com
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Address 123 moliere avenue
thousand oaks
CA, 91360

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Case Name: Garcia v. ESS Prisa II, LLC 09/13/2011
Note: The California Supreme Court's decision in Seabright v. US Airways barred another independent contractor's employee from suing the party that hired the contractor.
Citation: B222128
WCC Citation: WCC 38002011 CA
Case Name: Garcia v. Industrial Accident Commission 11/13/1953
Note: The employee and the insurance carrier, if they object to allowance of the lien, must show that it should be disallowed.
Citation: 41 Cal. 2d 689, 263 P.2d 8
WCC Citation: WCC 33421953 CA
Case Name: Garcia v. Oceans Sports Bar, Inc. 04/28/2010
Note: A bar did not owe a bouncer a duty of care to protect him from a parking lot shooting because it was not foreseeable.
Citation: B217207
WCC Citation: WCC 36182010 CA
Case Name: Garcia V. Paramount Citrus Association, Inc. 07/21/2008
Note: Appellant owed no legal duty to respondent.
Citation: F050528
WCC Citation: WCC 34002008 CA
Case Name: Garcia v. Paramount Citrus Association, Inc. 03/26/2008
Note: The foreseeability of the type of negligent act at issue in the present case does not outweigh the high burden the proposed duty would place upon rural landowners to prevent such conduct.
Citation: F050528
WCC Citation: WCC 33312008 CA
Case Name: Garcia v. The Vons Co. (WCAB En Banc) 03/14/2001
Note: Duty on petitioner to apprise WCAB of correct address; WCAB service of decision is effective, petition untimely.
Citation: 66 CCC 362
WCC Citation: WCC 27862001 CA
Case Name: Garcia v. The Vons Co. (WCAB En Banc) 03/14/2001
Note: Sanctions may be awarded for frivolous Reconsideration.
Citation: 66 CCC 362
WCC Citation: WCC 3552001 CA
Case Name: Garza v. Asbestos Corporation, Ltd. 03/28/2008
Note: By filing an answer and litigating the case to trial, Defendant made a general appearance and submitted voluntarily to the jurisdiction of the court.
Citation: A116523
WCC Citation: WCC 33332008 CA
Case Name: Garza v. WCAB (Sup. Ct. en banc) 10/20/1970
Note: Generally, WCAB must accept as true uncontradicted and unimpeached evidence.
Citation: 3 Cal.3d 312, 35 CCC 500
WCC Citation: WCC 26941970 CA
Case Name: Garzoli v. WCAB 04/30/1970
Note: Coming and going defense not applicable if officer required to wear uniform and render assistance.
Citation: 2 Cal. 3d 502
WCC Citation: WCC 30451970 CA
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