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Case Name: H.B. Fuller Co., etc. v. WCAB 09/17/1998
Note: Employer must clarify applicant's willingness to participate in rehab. if request conflicts with statements made by applicant; entitlement to maintenance allowance begins when employer receives application.
Citation: 63 CCC 1287
WCC Citation: WCC 27961998 CA
Case Name: Hall v. Curran 05/11/2011
Note: A homeowner was able to recoup $102,740 he had paid to a construction firm after discovering that the firm had failed to obtain workers' compensation insurance for some of its workers.
Citation: A127542
WCC Citation: WCC 37632011 CA
Case Name: Hall v. Goodwill Industries of Southern California 03/16/2011
Note: A worker's Fair Employment and Housing Act suit was untimely because his attorney filed his complaint more than a year after the state issued his right-to-sue notice, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled in a published decision.
Citation: B215860
WCC Citation: WCC 37272011 CA
Case Name: Halliburton v. Remington College-Denver Campus, Inc. 04/28/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Because causes of action based on defamation are not barred by the exclusive remedy provision, summary judgement was improper in response to claimant's wrongful discharge and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress claims.
Citation: D049223
WCC Citation: WCC 33502008 CA
Case Name: Halverson v. Orange County Employees Retirement System 01/27/2011
Note: Substantial evidence that a public guardian was able to return to work supported the Orange County Employees' Retirement System's denial of her request for disability-related retirement benefits.
Citation: G042276
WCC Citation: WCC 37082011 CA
Case Name: Hamilton v. WCAB 05/04/1979
Note: Presumption must be supported by evidence of causal connection between employment and injury.
Citation: 93 Cal.App.3d 587, 44 CCC 520
WCC Citation: WCC 4141979 CA
Case Name: Hamilton vs. Lockheed Corp. 04/30/2001
Note: Minimum necessary to be in Board file for case to be submitted for decision.
Citation: 66 CCC 473
WCC Citation: WCC 29052001 CA
Case Name: Hamilton vs. Martinelli & Assoc. 07/23/2003
Note: No duty owed to a peace officer who is engaged in training to meet an emergency situation.
Citation: 110 Cal.App.4th 1012
WCC Citation: WCC 29512003 CA
Case Name: Hamp v. Harrison Patterson O'Connor & Kinkead, LLP 12/18/2012
Note: The 4th District Court of Appeal revived an injured worker's malpractice claim against his former attorney, ruling that the action was not subject to dismissal as a strategic lawsuit against public participation.
Citation: D061276
WCC Citation: WCC 39582012 CA
Case Name: Hanford Ready Mix, Inc. v. Dominguez 12/27/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Because the evidence failed to show negligence on the part of Defendant, summary judgement was warranted and the issue of whether this action was barred by the exclusive remedy provision of the workers' compensation law is not addressed.
Citation: C052180
WCC Citation: WCC 32932007 CA
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