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Case Name: Hestehauge v. Charkins 09/23/2005
Note: Household employees under LC 3351, 3352 and 3715.
Citation: 70 CCC 1294
WCC Citation: WCC 31212005 CA
Case Name: Heywood v. Casa Cabinets, Inc. 12/21/2017
Note: A California appellate court ruled that an injured worker could not be compelled to arbitrate his discrimination and retaliation claims against his former employer, since the arbitration agreement he had signed was unconscionable.
Citation: E066122
WCC Citation: Super.Ct.No. CIVDS1603934
Case Name: Hinkle v. WCAB 12/12/1985
Note: Injury not compensable where employee injured while picking up paycheck at place/ time within employee's discretion
Citation: 175 Cal. App. 3d 587
WCC Citation: WCC 30521985 CA
Case Name: Hinojosa vs. WCAB 10/18/1972
Note: Requirement that employee provide own transportation between 'fields' on the job creates compensable injury.
Citation: 8 Cal 3d 150
WCC Citation: WCC 29921972 CA
Case Name: Hinson vs. WCAB 10/02/1974
Note: No 'Going & Coming' if personal transportation on job not a requirement.
Citation: 42 CA3d 246
WCC Citation: WCC 29931974 CA
Case Name: Hobbs v. Marin county Employees Retirement Assn. 09/30/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Courts have rejected the claim that the class of employees to which the heart trouble presumption applies should be expanded and accordingly, the court did not err by failing to 'impute' the legislative intent plaintiff claims is behind the heart trouble presumptions in workers' compensation law...to the service-related disability retirement of all county employees.
Citation: A120222
WCC Citation: WCC 34332008 CA
Case Name: Hodge v. Aon Insurance Services et al. 02/02/2011
Note: Cambridge Integrated Services did not violate overtime regulations because it designated its claims adjusters as exempt administrative employees, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled in a class action suit on Wednesday.
Citation: B217156
WCC Citation: WCC 37122011 CA
Case Name: Hodge v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County 11/29/2006
Note: Even though the contractual duties of the employer implicitly include performance of mandatory statutory duties, such as the payment of overtime wages, and even though the application of the statutory requirements includes factual determinations, defendent is not entitled to a jury trial.
Citation: 145 Cal. App. 4th 278
WCC Citation: WCC 31962006 CA
Case Name: Hodges v. WCAB 07/18/1978
Note: WCJ's statement that he had difficulty concluding employer would condone horseplay was a
Citation: 82 Cal.App.3d 894, 43 CCC 870
WCC Citation: WCC 26481978 CA
Case Name: Hodgman v. WCAB 09/12/2007
Note: The Board has no basis for restricting compensation to nonduplicative care because the parties agreed in a compromise and release agreement (C&R) that the guardian was entitled to compensation for duplicative care and the employer, not the estate of the injured worker, should bear the expense.
Citation: 155 Cal. App. 4th 44; 65 Cal. Rptr. 3d 687
WCC Citation: WCC 32542007 CA
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