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Case Name: Kaplan v. Reiner 09/16/2010
Note: The California 2nd District Court of Appeals last week upheld a restraining order filed against a defense attorney who allegedly barged into the inner offices of a Los Angeles applicants' law firm and threw subpoenas onto the desks of two opposing attorneys.
Citation: B220426
WCC Citation: WCC 36692010 CA
Case Name: Karaiskos vs. Metagenics 07/27/2004
Note: Board on Remittitur from Appellate Court holds CIGA exempt from EDD lien.
Citation: 68 CCC 772; En Banc
WCC Citation: WCC 30162004 CA
Case Name: Karaiskos vs. Metagenics, etc., et. al. 07/15/2002
Note: EDD unemployment compensation disability liens are
Citation: 67 CCC (2002) (En Banc)
WCC Citation: WCC 28692002 CA
Case Name: Katzin v. WCAB 04/16/1992
Note: Employer denied due process b/c no notice of applicant's other industrial injuries.
Citation: 5 Cal.App.4th 703,57 CCC 230
WCC Citation: WCC 26321992 CA
Case Name: Keeler v. AIG Domestic Claims 12/19/2011
Note: A Los Angeles trial court did not err when it approved a $1.4 million class action wage-and-hour settlement between AIG and its former adjusters.
Citation: B226691
WCC Citation: WCC 38342011 CA
Case Name: Kelley v. Conco Companies et al. 06/06/2011
Note: An employer can be liable under the Fair Employment and Housing Act for coworkers' retaliatory conduct toward an employee who complained about what he believed was same-sex sexual harassment, California's 1st District Court of Appeal concluded.
Citation: A126865
WCC Citation: WCC 37692011 CA
Case Name: Kelly v. County of Los Angeles 07/26/2006
Note: That the employee lacked employment-related income following the cessation of her vocational rehabilitation benefits was due to her own inaction, rather than the result of a termination.
Citation: 141 Cal.App.4th 910
WCC Citation: WCC 31712006 CA
Case Name: Kemps v. Beshwate 12/30/2009
Note: The absolute privilege from tort liability, except for claims of malicious prosecution, established by Civil Code section 47, subdivision (b), applies to statements made to the authorities in order to obtain the arrest of a person, even where that person has no connection whatsoever to any pending litigation.
Citation: F056377
WCC Citation: WCC 35882009 CA
Case Name: Kenai Drilling, etc. v. WCAB 04/20/1998
Note: Employer liable for retroactive maintenance allowance when they failed to given applicant notice of right to rehab.; duty extends to employers despite applicant's representation by attorney.
Citation: 63 CCC 643
WCC Citation: WCC 27981998 CA
Case Name: Kerley vs. WCAB 03/01/1971
Note: The only excuse for delay in payment of benefits is genuine doubt from a medical or legal standpoint; burden on employer to present substantial evidence of such.
Citation: 4 Cal.3d 223
WCC Citation: WCC 30151971 CA
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