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Case Name: Espinoza v. WCAB (Los Angeles County Jail) 02/05/2013
Note: California's 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled that a Los Angeles County inmate who hurt his shoulder while working in the kitchen at the jail was not an
Citation: B239438
WCC Citation: WCC 39812013 CA
Case Name: Esquivel v. WCAB 10/13/2009
Note: The employer bears the risk of incurring compensability liability under the Act for an injury an employee suffers during travel to or from a medical appointment related to an existing compensable injury while the employee is traveling a reasonable distance, within a reasonable geographic area, to or from that appointment.
Citation: D054197
WCC Citation: WCC 35712009 CA
Case Name: Estrada v. WCAB 11/05/1997
Note: Commutation allowed if good faith issue that might defeat applicant's claim for all benefits exists (Thomas finding).
Citation: 58 Cal.App.4th 1458, 62 CCC 1384
WCC Citation: WCC 26141997 CA
Case Name: Estrada v. WCAB 11/05/1997
Note: Absent express approval by WCJ in Order Approving, Thomas request inapplicable.
Citation: 58 Cal.App.4th 1458
WCC Citation: WCC 4051997 CA
Case Name: Evans v. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co. 03/27/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Because Plaintiff has previously, and successfully, argued to another tribunal that decedent's death was due to cumulative job stress over a period of many years, Plaintiff is judicially estopped from asserting the loss of life was an 'accidental result of standing' so as to entitle her to benefits under the accidental death policy.
Citation: B192848
WCC Citation: WCC 33322008 CA
Case Name: Evans v. Sunamoto 12/09/2010
Note: A Los Angeles Superior Court was correct to deny a defense attorneys last-minute request to withdraw his waiver of a jury.
Citation: B218630
WCC Citation: WCC 36892010 CA
Case Name: Evard v. Southern California Edison 07/11/2007
Note: A nondelegable duty is a definite affirmative duty the law imposes on one by reason of his or her relationship with others. One cannot escape this duty by entrusting it to an independent contractor.
Citation: 153 Cal. App. 4th 137
WCC Citation: WCC 32352007 CA
Case Name: Ezra v. State of California Dep't of Health Services 09/07/2010
Note: An employer's filing of a Form 1099 with the Internal Revenue Service about a former employee's settlement was not an act of retaliation because it was a business necessity, the 2nd District Court of Appeal concluded.
Citation: B216144
WCC Citation: WCC 36642010 CA
Case Name: Ezzy v. WCAB 08/19/1983
Note: Law clerk injured in employer-sponsored softball game rx. believed was in course of employment.
Citation: 146 Cal.App.3d 252, 48 CCC 611
WCC Citation: WCC 28051983 CA
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