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Case Name: California Horse Racing Board v. WCAB and Snezek 07/31/2007
Note: Qualifying as a peace officer is not enough. To be entitled to the heart trouble presumption, the member must also fit the job description and be employed by one of the law enforcement agencies specified in the earlier portions of section 3212.5, Labor Code.
Citation: 153 Cal. App. 4th 1169
WCC Citation: WCC 32412007 CA
Case Name: California Ins. Guarantee Assn. v. WCAB 10/31/2008
Note: [Unpublished] The existence and relevant terms of the SCIF policy were shown by secondary evidence.
Citation: B205025
WCC Citation: WCC 34552008 CA
Case Name: California Insurance Guarantee Association v. Burwell 01/05/2017
Citation: 2:15-cv-01113-ODW (FFMx)
WCC Citation: 2:15-cv-01113-ODW (FFMx)
Case Name: California Insurance Guarantee Association v. WCAB (Oracle) 02/06/2012
Note: Pinnacle Lien Services could pursue lien claims against the California Insurance Guarantee Association.
Citation: B231491
WCC Citation: WCC 38622012 CA
Case Name: California Nurse Life Care Planning v. WCAB 11/13/2008
Note: A lien claimant is not entitled to a reimbursement for a $24,424 life care plan because it was unrelated to the relevant workers' compensation claim.
Citation: F055530
WCC Citation: WCC 34612008 CA
Case Name: California School Employees Association v. Tustin Unified School District 03/12/2007
Note: Section 45196 does not permit a school district to deduct the salaries of teachers already employed by the district from the salary of a teacher who is on disability leave.
Citation: 148 Cal. App. 4th 510
WCC Citation: WCC 32102007 CA
Case Name: California School Employees Association, et al., v. Colton Joint Unified School District, et al. 01/26/2009
Note: The Colton Joint Unified School District improperly deducted vacation and differential leave concurrently while a bus driver received workers' compensation benefits.
Citation: E044388
WCC Citation: WCC 34842009 CA
Case Name: California Self-Insurers\' Security Fund v. The Superior Court of Orange County (Activcare Living) 01/26/2018
Note: A California appellate court ruled that a law firm was not automatically disqualified from representing the state Self-Insurers’ Security Fund in an action for reimbursement.
Citation: G054981
WCC Citation:
Case Name: California v. Industrial Accident Commission and Gust Erickson 04/19/1957
Note: The question here is not what the Legislature might have done with respect to providing for retrospective application of the portions of section 5500.5, which are here involved, but what it did do. It used no language showing that it intended retrospective effect and, therefore, under the rules carefully stated and followed in the Aetna case, no such effect will be given under the guise of construction.
Citation: 48 Cal. 2d 355
WCC Citation: WCC 33591957 CA
Case Name: CALSTAR v. SCIF 05/13/2011
Note: The defendants' demurrers are sustained, as the trial court lacks subject matter jurisdiction.
Citation: FCS036792
WCC Citation: WCC 37622011 CA
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