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Case Name: Cedeno v. American Nat. Ins. Co., etc. 07/21/1997
Note: Request for WCJ disqualification denied absent declaration of grounds for request, record of bias.
Citation: 62 CCC 939 (Panel)
WCC Citation: WCC 27681997 CA
Case Name: Cedillo vs. WCAB 02/14/2003
Note: Employee of unlicensed contractor must meet criteria of 3352(h) before customer becomes statutory employer.
Citation: 106 Cal.App.4th 227
WCC Citation: WCC 29172003 CA
Case Name: Ceradyne, Inc. v. Argonaut Insurance Co. 06/02/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Because the Insurance Program Agreement (IPA) contains a severability clause, we conclude the trial court had authority to sever the void arbitration clause, deny arbitration, and deny the stay/dismissal request.
Citation: G039873
WCC Citation: WCC 35292009 CA
Case Name: Cervantes v. El Aguila Food Products 11/19/2009
Note: [En Banc] The procedures and timelines governing objections to a treating physician's recommendation for spinal surgery are contained in Labor Code sections 4610 and 4062 and in Administrative Director (AD) Rules 9788.1, 9788.11, and 9792.6(o).
Citation: ADJ3675309
WCC Citation: WCC 35812009 CA
Case Name: Cervantes vs. Great American Ins. Co. 03/14/1983
Note: Wilful delay in payment of benefits does not remove action from exclusive remedy of comp.
Citation: 140 Cal.App.3d 763
WCC Citation: WCC 29951983 CA
Case Name: Chambers v. WCAB 11/14/1968
Note: It is the employer's burden of proof to show the employee's knowledge.
Citation: 69 Cal.2d 556
WCC Citation: WCC 31001968 CA
Case Name: Chan v. City & County of San Francisco 04/19/2011
Note: A former swimming instructor did not show that the City and County of San Francisco's reasons for terminating him were a pretext for sex-based discrimination, an appellate court ruled.
Citation: A124330
WCC Citation: WCC 37532011 CA
Case Name: Chang v. WCAB 07/24/2007
Note: The 'liberality rule,' which is found in section 3202 and obligates the court to liberally construe the workers' compensation law in favor of the injured worker, 'cannot supplant the intent of the Legislature as expressed in a particular statute.' If the Legislature's intent appears from the language and context of the relevant statutory provisions, then [the court] must effectuate that intent, 'even though the particular statutory language 'is contrary to the basic policy of the [workers' compensation law].'
Citation: 153 Cal. App. 4th 750; 63 Cal. Rptr. 3d 219, 72 CC
WCC Citation: WCC 32392007 CA
Case Name: Chavez v City of Los Angeles 01/14/2010
Note: Code of Civil Procedure section 1033(a) gives a trial court discretion to deny attorney fees to a plaintiff who prevails on a FEHA claim but recovers an amount that could have been recovered in a limited civil case.
Citation: S162313
WCC Citation: WCC 35902010 CA
Case Name: Chavez v. City of LA 07/21/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Chavez's discrimination claim fails in light of his concession that his disability, either actual or perceived, played no role in the city's employment actions.
Citation: B196255
WCC Citation: WCC 34012008 CA
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