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Case Name: Dept. of Highway Patrol v. WCAB 04/18/1995
Note: WCJ erred by using last date of work for dependency status of children rather than date of injury.
Citation: 33 Cal.App.4th 1828, 60 CCC 308
WCC Citation: WCC 25311995 CA
Case Name: Dept. of Indus. Rel. v. WCAB (Tessler) 06/14/1979
Note: Balance of death benefit payable to state cannot be avoided by C&R.
Citation: 94 Cal.App.3d 721, 44 CCC 591
WCC Citation: WCC 25981979 CA
Case Name: Derrick v. WCAB 09/23/1984
Note: Change of doctor issue not properly before WCAB because 4603 procedure not followed.
Citation: 159 Cal.App.3D 451, 49 CCC 621
WCC Citation: WCC 24341984 CA
Case Name: Diamond International Corp. v. WCAB 07/30/1984
Note: Amendments made to conform pleading to proof allowed at any time if opposing party would not be surprised by evidence.
Citation: 49 CCC 592
WCC Citation: WCC 27751984 CA
Case Name: Diaz v. Carcamo 06/23/2011
Note: The Supreme Court of California clarified what type of claims a plaintiff may pursue when that plaintiff has been injured by someone driving a car in the course of employment.
Citation: S181627
WCC Citation: WCC 37772011 CA
Case Name: Diaz v. West Coast Laboratories, Inc. 10/15/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Because the contract at issue has both procedurally and substantively unconscionable elements, the trial court did not err in denying the motion to compel arbitration.
Citation: B195232, BC356498
WCC Citation: WCC 32682007 CA
Case Name: Dickey v. WCAB 11/05/1990
Note: Firefighter entitled to max TD rate despite multiple injuries.
Citation: 224 Cal.App.3d 1460, 55 CCC 410
WCC Citation: WCC 23801990 CA
Case Name: Dickinson v. Allstate Insurance Co. 04/19/2013
Note: A former field claims adjuster's failure to introduce into evidence a right-to-sue letter from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing was fatal to his Fair Employment and Housing Act claims.
Citation: G045033
WCC Citation: WCC 40052013 CA
Case Name: Dietz v. Meisenheimer & Herron 09/17/2009
Note: It was not improper for the trial court to balance the competing interests of the parties in determining whether to dismiss appellant's action in its entirety. Dismissal of a plaintiff's claim based on the due process concerns espoused in General Dynamics and its progeny is reserved for the rarest of cases.
Citation: D052463
WCC Citation: WCC 35672009 CA
Case Name: Diggle v. Sierra Sands Unified Sch. Dist. 10/07/2005
Note: En banc decision is binding precedent on all Appeals Board Panels and WCJs.
Citation: 70 CCC 1480
WCC Citation: WCC 31262005 CA
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