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Case Name: Kirk v. First American Title Insurance Co. 04/07/2010
Note: We conclude that, under the circumstances of this case, automatic vicarious disqualification is not required, and that, instead, there is a rebuttable presumption that the attorney's knowledge of client confidences is imputed to the firm, which can be refuted by evidence that the law firm adequately screened the attorney from the others at the firm representing the adverse party. In addition, as the disqualified attorney has left the firm, the trial court's examination of the screen's adequacy should be on a retrospective, not prospective, basis.
Citation: B218956
WCC Citation: WCC 37322010 CA
Case Name: Kizer v. Tristar Risk Management 06/26/2017
Citation: G052558
WCC Citation: Super. Ct. No. 30-2014-00707394
Case Name: Klee v. WCAB 07/12/1989
Note: WCAB's order annulled when prior writs were attempts to delay payment.
Citation: 211 Cal.App.3d 1519, 54 CCC 251
WCC Citation: WCC 26291989 CA
Case Name: Kleeman v. WCAB 03/02/2005
Note: SB 899 apportionment applies prospectively from the date of enactment of S.B. 899, regardless of the date of injury.
Citation: 127 Cal.App.4th 274
WCC Citation: WCC 30972005 CA
Case Name: Kleinman v. California State Personnel Board 03/20/2012
Note: An administrative law judge attempting to return to work after suffering a back injury failed to raise a triable issue as to the reasonableness of her employer's effort to accommodate her.
Citation: B226239
WCC Citation: WCC 38712012 CA
Case Name: Kmart Corp. v. Lewis Brisbois et al 07/19/2010
Note: An appellate court denied Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP's motion to strike its former client's malpractice complaint based on the firm's role in complex personal injury litigation.
Citation: B209833
WCC Citation: WCC 36492010 CA
Case Name: KMS Courier, Inc. v. McKesson Corp. 11/30/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Standing alone, the Customer Defendants' requests for bids from, and entrance into service contracts with, the Plaintiffs' competitors do not constitute solicitations of a violation of the Unfair Practices Act.
Citation: D049775
WCC Citation: WCC 32842007 CA
Case Name: Knight v. United Parcel Service 10/12/2006
Note: Employer or insurer's failure to provide required notice to an employee of rights under the MPN that results in a neglect or refusal to provide reasonable medical treatment renders the employer or insurer liable for reasonable medical treatment self-procured by the employee.
Citation: 71 CCC 1423 (2006)
WCC Citation: WCC 31862006 CA
Case Name: Knopfer v. Flournoy 09/20/1973
Note: Payments made in lieu of disability payments indemnify him for work-connected disability.
Citation: 34 Cal.App.3d 318, 38 CCC 913
WCC Citation: WCC 27071973 CA
Case Name: Koch v. Markel Insurance Co., et al. 01/26/2011
Note: The owner of an auto repair shop sufficiently alleged a number of causes of action against his broker and business liability insurer for a coverage gap that left him uncovered against a personal injury suit.
Citation: B213610
WCC Citation: WCC 37062011 CA
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