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Case Name: Maples v. WCAB 11/06/1980
Note: Employer/insurer cannot claim credit for overpayment of TD because of unreasonable delay in filing med. report and not filing petition to terminate TD after terminating benefits.
Citation: 111 Cal.App.3d 827, 45 CCC 1106
WCC Citation: WCC 24881980 CA
Case Name: Maraj v. Ralphs Grocery Company 05/25/2011
Note: An exception to the exclusive remedy rule did not apply to an injured grocery store employee's civil suit because she could not prove that Ralphs Grocery Co. concealed her injury, the 2nd District Court of Appeal concluded.
Citation: B223410
WCC Citation: WCC 37672011 CA
Case Name: Maranian v. WCAB 06/26/2000
Note: 90-day limitation runs from date of receipt of Claim Form; Order on Recon final re appellate review.
Citation: 81 Cal.App.4th 1068, 65 CCC 650
WCC Citation: WCC 24912000 CA
Case Name: Margaret A. Seltzer v. William Gwire 04/20/2012
Note: An attorney, represented in a civil action by a former employee of his firm, was entitled to recover his legal fees as the prevailing party in the underlying action.
Citation: A128902
WCC Citation: WCC 38872012 CA
Case Name: Marin Schools Insurance Authority v. Schools Excess Liability Fund 07/11/2017
Citation: A145365
WCC Citation: Napa County Super. Ct. No. 26-62558
Case Name: Marine v. College of Sequoias 02/01/2012
Note: A college employee fired after getting into a fight with a co-worker's sister and being tried for assault with a deadly weapon could not challenge her termination, but she could pursue her claims of retaliation and discrimination based on her request for accommodation of her disabilities.
Citation: F061765
WCC Citation: WCC 38532012 CA
Case Name: Market Basket v. WCAB 10/31/1978
Note: Physician's report defective where no reference to preexisting psychiatric condition.
Citation: 86 Cal.App.3d 137, 43 CCC 1186
WCC Citation: WCC 28081978 CA
Case Name: Marquez v. Novellus Systems 02/23/2009
Note: A property owner is not liable to a dead tree trimmer's estate because it did not owe him a duty to protect him from a wood chipper.
Citation: H033103
WCC Citation: WCC 34982009 CA
Case Name: Marquez v. WCAB 07/28/1995
Note: Lien not allowed for overpaid disability benefits against subsequent employer comp. payments.
Citation: 60 CCC 711
WCC Citation: WCC 25061995 CA
Case Name: Marsh & McLennan, Inc. v. Sup. Crt. 06/29/1989
Note: No private cause of action against a TPA; other legislative remedies apply.
Citation: 49 Cal.3d 1, 54 CCC 265
WCC Citation: WCC 23791989 CA
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