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Case Name: O'Donnell v. Allen 06/21/2010
Note: [Unpublished] Language of the retainer agreement is not reasonably susceptible to the interpretation urged by defendant and adopted by the trial court.
Citation: B213420
WCC Citation: WCC 36402010 CA
Case Name: Obayashi v. PMN Design Electric 01/16/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Appellant cannot establish that it has incurred or will incur damages, and based on the exclusivity of California's Worker Compensation Scheme, is prohibited from seeking equitable indemnity.
Citation: A114597
WCC Citation: WCC 33012008 CA
Case Name: Ogdon v. WCAB 04/15/1974
Note: No lien against comp. benefits allowed for welfare aid.
Citation: 11 Cal.3d 192
WCC Citation: WCC 24971974 CA
Case Name: Ogilvie v. City and County of San Francisco (II) 09/03/2009
Note: [En Banc] The language of Labor Code section 4660(c) unambiguously means that a permanent disability rating established by the Schedule is rebuttable.
Citation: ADJ1177048
WCC Citation: WCC 35612009 CA
Case Name: Ogilvie vs. City and County of San Francisco 02/03/2009
Note: (1) the DFEC portion of the 2005 Schedule is rebuttable; (2) the DFEC portion of the 2005 Schedule ordinarily is not rebutted by establishing the percentage to which an injured employee's future earning capacity has been diminished; (3) the DFEC portion of the 2005 Schedule is not rebutted by taking two-thirds of the injured employee's estimated diminished future earnings, and then comparing the resulting sum to the permanent disability money chart to approximate a corresponding permanent disability rating; and (4) the DFEC portion of the 2005 Schedule may be rebutted in a manner consistent with Labor Code section 4660.
Citation: ADJ1177048 (SFO 0487779)
WCC Citation: WCC 34882009 CA
Case Name: Oliva v. Heath 06/09/1995
Note: Co-workers not liable for injury caused by horseplay within scope of employment.
Citation: 35 Cal.App.4th 926
WCC Citation: WCC 24161995 CA
Case Name: One Hour Cleaners, etc. v. WCAB 05/04/1998
Note: Employer's rehab. expenditures not subject to 139.5 cap when employer did not send applicant required prior notice of rights to rehab.
Citation: 63 CCC 774
WCC Citation: WCC 27941998 CA
Case Name: Operating Engineers v. Johnson 07/03/2003
Note: Invasion of privacy not barred by exclusive remedy of work comp.
Citation: 110 Cal.App.4th 180
WCC Citation: WCC 29442003 CA
Case Name: Ortega v. Rady Children's Hospital 04/18/2011
Note: An employer was entitled to summary judgment against a housekeeper's Fair Employment and Housing Act claims because it showed that no reasonable accommodation existed that would have allowed her to continue performing her job.
Citation: D056282
WCC Citation: WCC 37462011 CA
Case Name: Ortega v. WCAB 05/02/1989
Note: Where applicant's assertions are not based in the record, Board has duty to develop the record.
Citation: 54 CCC 149
WCC Citation: WCC 27231989 CA
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