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Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Asher) 11/04/1993
Note: Grandchild is a 'dependent minor child' within the meaning of section 4703.5 and is entitled to a death benefit thereunder.
Citation: 19 Cal.App.4th 1645
WCC Citation: WCC 25951993 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Chacon) 08/28/1998
Note: Annuity checks not immediately negotiable and payable in cash are not unreasonably delayed payments.
Citation: 66 Cal.App.4th 1154
WCC Citation: WCC 24791998 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Denton) 05/24/1982
Note: Board must consider 'new' evidence if strong and failure to produce earlier is 'clearly excusable'.
Citation: 47 CCC 601
WCC Citation: WCC 27301982 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Dorsett) 11/10/2011
Note: A workers' compensation judge erroneously failed to apportion an injured worker's award pursuant to Benson v. WCAB, California's 6th District Court of Appeal concluded.
Citation: H036724
WCC Citation: WCC 38242011 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Hancock) 11/22/2010
Note: The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board should not have granted an applicant's petition to reopen an award for an injury that he allegedly knew about before agreeing to a settlement, the 3rd District Court of Appeal ruled.
Citation: C064985
WCC Citation: WCC 36832010 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Meier) 10/17/1985
Note: LC 2750.5 in fact applies to work comp cases; Unlicensed contractor not estopped from asserting employment status.
Citation: 40 Cal.3d 5
WCC Citation: WCC 3851985 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Patterson) 05/19/1981
Note: Attorney fee commuted from disability benefits is subject to separate penalty for delayed payment.
Citation: 46 CCC 552
WCC Citation: WCC 25171981 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Sandhagen) 07/16/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Utilization review process is mandatory and SCIF cannot resort to proceedings under 4062 as a method for disputing injured worker's treatment request.
Citation: C048668
WCC Citation: WCC 35432009 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Sandhagen) 07/03/2008
Note: The Legislature intended to require employers to conduct utilization review when considering requests for medical treatment, and not to permit employers to use section 4062 to dispute employees' treatment requests. The language of section 4610 and 4062 mandates this result.
Citation: S149257
WCC Citation: WCC 33912008 CA
Case Name: SCIF v. WCAB (Slotten) 01/04/1979
Note: Mandatory duty on public employers to provide employees with same rehab. benefits as private employees.
Citation: 88 Cal.App.3d 43
WCC Citation: WCC 26391979 CA
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