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Case Name: Zaragoza v. Ibarra 06/08/2009
Note: A homeowner who hired an unlicensed contractor to convert her garage into a living space was not an employer for purposes of workers' compensation because the contractor had not worked the minimum of 52 hours.
Citation: No. G040242
WCC Citation: WCC 35322009 CA
Case Name: Zarate v. WCAB 12/11/1979
Note: Since not an employee, no reimbursement of deposition fees.
Citation: 99 Cal.App.3d 598
WCC Citation: WCC 26131979 CA
Case Name: Zeeb vs. WCAB 10/17/1967
Note: Employer loses medical control once it is denied.
Citation: 67 Cal.2d 496, 32 CCC 441
WCC Citation: WCC 30131967 CA
Case Name: Zeinali v. Raytheon Company; Does 1 through 25 04/04/2011
Note: A federal district court had jurisdiction to hear an Iranian engineer's employment discrimination suit against Raytheon because his suit did not hinge on whether or not he should have received a security clearance, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.
Citation: 09-56283
WCC Citation: WCC 37412011 CA
Case Name: Zemke v. WCAB 06/28/1968
Note: Apportionment permitted only as to that part of disability which would have resulted from
Citation: 68 Cal 2d 794
WCC Citation: WCC 29231968 CA
Case Name: Zenith Ins. Co. v. WCAB 10/01/1981
Note: 'Apportionment' of loss by employers, not of benefits; death, medical, and burial benefits not apportionable.
Citation: 124 Cal.App.3d 176
WCC Citation: WCC 25791981 CA
Case Name: Zenith Ins. Co. v. WCAB 03/20/2006
Note: Lien claimant bears the burden of establishing license and accreditation to establish right to reimbursement.
Citation: 138 Cal. App. 4th 373
WCC Citation: WCC 31482006 CA
Case Name: Zenith Ins. v. WCAB 01/29/2008
Note: The injured worker's permanent and stationary status is not required before a physician's report can indicate the existence of permanent disability under section 4660(d).
Citation: B197186
WCC Citation: WCC 33102008 CA
Case Name: Zenith Insurance v. WCAB (Azizi) 07/18/2007
Note: Labor Code 4660, subdivision (d) states the general rule that the applicable schedule is the one in effect on the date of the injury, and then provides an exception to that rule, namely, that the new schedule will apply to pre-2005 injuries unless one of three specified circumstances existed prior to 2005.
Citation: 153 Cal. App. 4th 461, 72 CCC 785
WCC Citation: WCC 32362007 CA
Case Name: Zhu v. WCAB (Department of Social Services) 06/20/2017
Citation: B278696
WCC Citation: W.C.A.B. No.ADJ10324875
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