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Case Name: Argonaut Ins. Co. v. IAC (Montana) 05/08/1962
Note: IAC may use its general knowledge to forecast and weigh facts relevant in compensation award.
Citation: 57 Cal.2d 589, 27 CCC 130
WCC Citation: WCC 25361962 CA
Case Name: Argonaut Ins. Co. v. Industrial Accident Comm'n 10/11/1963
Note: Injury compensable if sustained while traveling to pick up paycheck at location specified by employer.
Citation: 221 Cal. App. 2d 140
WCC Citation: WCC 30471963 CA
Case Name: Argonaut Ins. Co. v. WCAB (Lopez) 02/22/1971
Note: Insurer entitled to specific finding on amount of PD relied on by WCAB, can controvert finding through legal process.
Citation: 15 Cal.App.3d 436, 36 CCC 89
WCC Citation: WCC 26491971 CA
Case Name: Argonaut Ins. Co. v. WCAB (Thompson) 05/09/1972
Note: Settlement of 3rd party liability not set aside for superseding, unsatisfied lien.
Citation: 37 CCC 324
WCC Citation: WCC 27491972 CA
Case Name: Argonaut Ins. Exch. v. IAC (Bellinger) 02/14/1958
Note: IAC not required to take further evidence and could redetermine case on existing record.
Citation: 49 Cal.2d 706, 23 CCC 34
WCC Citation: WCC 26521958 CA
Case Name: Arkius Inc. v. Hyundae Health Center et al. 09/27/2011
Note: The license of a general contractor is not suspended by operation of law because it underreported payroll to State Compensation Insurance Fund.
Citation: B228093
WCC Citation: WCC 38042011 CA
Case Name: Arnold v. Mutual of Omaha Ins. Co. 12/30/2011
Note: An insurer proved that it was entitled to summary judgment against a worker's suit by proving that she was an independent contractor, a California appellate court ruled in a published decision.
Citation: A131440
WCC Citation: WCC 38392011 CA
Case Name: Arnulfo Aldridge v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority 12/18/2008
Note: A lower court properly dismissed a self-represented worker's fourth attempt to state a proper cause of action against his former employer, which he charged had harassed and fired him after he filed a workers' compensation claim.
Citation: B202578
WCC Citation: WCC 34692008 CA
Case Name: Arp v. WCAB 05/05/1977
Note: The conclusive presumption of total dependency under section 3501, subdivision (a), is invalid and that, pending action by the Legislature, all applicants must be left to establish proof of dependency under section 3502.
Citation: 19 Cal.3d 395
WCC Citation: WCC 33881977 CA
Case Name: Arriaga vs. County of Alameda 04/25/1995
Note: Person convicted of crime but not incarcerated, who performs community service in lieu of paying a fine, is an employee.
Citation: 9 Cal.4th 1055
WCC Citation: WCC 28761995 CA
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