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Case Name: Ashdown vs. Ameron Int'l Corp. 08/17/2000
Note: Dual Capacity and Fraudulent Concealment doctrines narrowly construed v. exclusive remedy.
Citation: 83 Cal.App.4th 868, 65 CCC 1026
WCC Citation: WCC 24172000 CA
Case Name: Ashley v. WCAB 08/01/1995
Note: Employer need not compensate a worker for a disability from a preexisting perm. disability.
Citation: 37 Cal.App.4th 320, 60 CCC 683
WCC Citation: WCC 24751995 CA
Case Name: Astudillo v. Duggleby 09/26/2007
Note: [Unpublished] It is participation in creating the common fund, or the fund from which a lien may be satisfied, that is relevant to the application of section 3856. Nominal participation is not sufficient and 'the question of whether a party is an active participant in litigation is one of fact for the trial court to decide.
Citation: G038287, 05CC08248
WCC Citation: WCC 32612007 CA
Case Name: Atascadero USD v. WCAB (Geredes) 05/28/2002
Note: Gossip insufficient to support claim for psychiatric injury.
Citation: 98 Cal.App.4th 880
WCC Citation: WCC 28552002 CA
Case Name: Atlantic Richfield Co. v. WCAB 05/20/1982
Note: For partial dependency, widow must establish annual amount of support from husband's earnings.
Citation: 31 Cal.3d 715, 47 CCC 500
WCC Citation: WCC 25811982 CA
Case Name: Aubry v. WCAB 07/28/1997
Note: Service of claim form is proper notice to employer for injuries in years 1990-93.
Citation: 56 Cal.App.4th 1032, 62 CCC 870
WCC Citation: WCC 24371997 CA
Case Name: Audiss v. City of Rohnert Park 04/02/2007
Note: Defendant is entitled to the benefit of Labor Code section 4658(d)(3)(A), as agreed upon by the parties in their Stipulated Award.
Citation: SRO 0137956
WCC Citation: WCC 34392007 CA
Case Name: Avalon Bay Foods v. WCAB 08/20/1998
Note: No penalty if reimbursable medical expense paid within 60 days of receipt.
Citation: 18 Cal.4th 1165, 63 CCC 902
WCC Citation: WCC 3951998 CA
Case Name: Aveni v. Board of Chiropractic Examiners 01/24/2008
Note: An incorrect interpretation of the law arrived at by the application of an incorrect legal theory cannot invalidate an administrative determination otherwise correct in result.
Citation: C052955
WCC Citation: WCC 33062008 CA
Case Name: Avila v. WCAB 12/30/1970
Note: PD when impairment of earning capacity or normal use of a member, or handicap in labor mkt.
Citation: 14 Cal.App.3d 33, 35 CCC 637
WCC Citation: WCC 25111970 CA
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